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I want to share with you the whole treatment for headaches so you can forget once and for all about this pain. It’s really simple and easy to apply.

From a long time, I had been sharing this health campaign to avoid headaches and also how to take care of yourself. I even wrote a simple manual treatment about migraine that is available on [Amazon].

This time I decided to make it more complete and for free. Everything you need is in this article. I also added some forms that you can buy to apply this treatment to a plan and in this way you can also support me to keep creating more treatments and content to help you improve your life. I will add it in the end.

Why we get headaches?

You might be thinking that headaches are caused by a virus or by an annoying boss. If the cause is external, then there will be nothing to do to avoid headaches.

But be happy because headaches are produced by our own lifestyles. And since you can change your lifestyle then you can be free of that horrible pain in your head.

Let me explain how this works.

A poor nutrition is the main and only cause of headaches.

When you eat the foods that your body doesn’t need or that your body can’t process then your whole digestive system gets overload and like a computer, it will heat up.

If you didn’t know, your digestive system has a strong connection and influence your nervous system which includes every neuronal activity in your brain.

Like a computer, your body starts to work slow when it heats up, the same happens with our overloaded digestive system which starts to produce toxins that irritate our nervous system producing headaches or it just put you in a sensitive situation, so any external influence drives you into headaches.

Now, when the headaches are chronic is called migraine.

I hope you can see how our bodies digestion is so important for our health. If you don’t want to believe me maybe the father of modern medicine can convince you since he said that every disease starts in the intestines.

Stop the headaches

Now let’s start with the most important part for you, that is to take down the headaches.

General recommendations

  • Don’t use medicaments. Most of them produce headaches since all of them affects and damage the digestive system, especially our guts. So aspirin and paracetamol should stay in the trash can.
  • Sleep. When you sleep there are a lot of biological processes that regulates your body functions, so when you don’t sleep you will get an unbalanced body that can make you more prone to headaches.
  • Poor nutrition sensibility. As I told you, poor nutrition makes you sensible to external influence. So until you improve your nutrition you should avoid solvents, gasoline, oils, tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, nitrates, (meats, fish, and processed food), fermented foods, marinated, poorly ventilated rooms, excessive noise (concerts, parties,…).

Highlight on processed foods. Processed foods aren’t good for our digestive system, those are a big problem to digest. If you don’t know what are processed foods, here are some examples: Canned food, packaged and sealed foods like chocolate, also fast foods use highly processed ingredients. The list continues with meats, fish, milk, and so on.

You can say that some products that I mentioned aren’t processed like milk or fish. Well, most people buy them in a grocery store where I’m really sure those are already processed. Also if you live in a city without coast then is most sure that the fish isn’t fresh which means that it’s processed.

  • Oral contraceptives. Like medicaments, these produce unbalance in our bodies which can prone headaches.

If you’re suffering from headaches in this moment, I recommend you to:

  • Give yourself massages. Some people think that stress produces muscular tension which then produces headaches, but turns out that the muscular tension is caused by a poor nutrition like the absence of water consumption or potassium. So poor nutrition remains as the main cause. Still, I do recommend to massage yourself because it will smooth the pain although you should know that it doesn’t fix the problem. This also applies to people with TMJ.
  • Close your eyes and rest. Go to an empty room with dim light or dark, this will help you to rest and let headaches stop. Some people say that after sleeping they have worst headaches. Well, first with resting I don’t necessarily mean sleeping unless you haven’t slept well the last few nights. Anyway if you still have problems then apply the cold water friction that I will explain later.
  • Deep breathing. Search for a place with purer air like a park or a rooftop. A better oxygenation will help you a lot, especially to relax.
  • Wash your face. This is the simplest version of the treatment that I will explain later, but it still can be helpful.

Now the most effective

Depending on how advanced or chronic is your headache will depend on the intensity that you should apply these treatments. Although I always recommend you to do all the treatments with great consistency because it will help you to recover faster.

These are the treatments that I recommend you.


This is the most important part of every treatment. If you don’t want to change the foods that you eat then I’m afraid that nobody will be able to help you. But if you have the determination to enjoy your life then I recommend you to follow this guide: [Nutritional Plan].

Cold water friction

Apply the cold water friction at least once per day. The best time is when you wake up because in the last stage of your sleep (REM) your body warm up so it’s perfect for the cold water friction. Also for a more intense treatment, go back to your bed and after 2 hours of heating up, then, you can try again this treatment. And so on during the day.

You can also do exercise or sports to warm up and apply the cold water friction.

Finally, all you need to know to apply this treatment is in here: [Cold Water Friction Treatment].

Apply mud

Apply mud to the abdomen before you go to sleep so you can have it during the night while you sleep. Then in the morning it will be dry so you can take it off. To raise the intensity you can apply the mud during the day and change it every time it dries.

Follow these instructions: [Mud Treatment].

Sitz bath

I recommend you to apply it in the morning and just one time per day.

Follow these instructions: [Sitz Bath Treatment].


This is another way to do the cold water friction. You heat up your body with the help of the sun which also gives you some nutrients and electromagnetic energy. The important thing is that you warm up so you can apply the cold water friction. The ideal thing is to do it once per day with 3-5 iterations with 5-7 minutes of sun exposure each. In each iteration don’t dry yourself, it’s important to stay wet. Try doing one day the sunbath and other the sitz bath.

Follow this instructions: [Sunbath Treatment].

Exercise with fresh air

The last and most important is to do exercise, even aerobics, running or any other sport that you prefer. Meanwhile, remember to breathe deeply because that is really important for your health.

Fresh air can influence your health in ways that you can’t imagine.

I know that all this information can be a little bit complicated so I decided to create a PDF that you can print and have near you with the purpose of following this treatment until you finally forget about headaches.

Remember that all the information that you need is in here for free, you don’t need more.

Let’s start

I had created a format where you can record your progress, follow the treatment instructions and also to start a fitness plan that fits you. It’s free, you just have to subscribe to my newsletter here:



If you want to support this project, you can do it here: [Paypal]

Finally, thanks for your support and Stay Healthy.

Soy el presidente de Lenus y mi enfoque está en vivir una vida digna de vivirla por medio de tres pilares que son (1) Fortaleza Espiritual, (2) Desarrollo Empresarial y (3) Medicina Natural.

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