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We are being sifted

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In life, we ​​are being sifted on many occasions and this can be very painful as well as uncertain because we lose vision of the future.

This is a message based on the preaching of Dante Gebel with the difference that this is my perspective regarding what he teaches.

In my case, I have already been able to experience one of the most difficult events of my life. Before it had been relatively easy to overcome the disease, the loss of relatives among other painful events. Only on this occasion, my world collapsed completely when I discover that the person who was supposedly my rock disappeared for reasons that I still don’t understand but that is precisely the subject that we are also going to talk about here. The point is that this message is very real and applicable in our lives so I hope it will also help you.

He wants to sift you

I don’t know to what extent you believe in Satan or the enemy as some call him, but in the scriptures, it says something very interesting about him and it is as follows:

Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift all of you as wheat.

Luke 22:31 NIV

The interesting thing about this is that Satan has indeed asked God for permission to move your life. And although sometimes it doesn’t seem to make sense for God to give such permits, the truth is that it does make a lot of sense.

It is these conflicts and confrontations that make us grow as people. They help us to discard those toxic things that we were holding on for so long but it was time to let go.

In my particular case, I have noticed that I had put the wrong person as my rock and although it served me for many years to overcome the difficulties the truth is that in the end, it did not turn out to be my best choice. The right person will always be Jesus. Thinking about that, maybe that’s one of the many reasons why my life has been shaken in such a way.

Currently, I am learning to enjoy being alone because every circumstance always has its benefits and problems. I have always considered that one thing is to feel alone and another different one is to be alone. In my case, I had to learn to be alone again without feeling alone. I have received an excellent amount of support from people with whom I had even lost contact for a long time.

Another of the great benefits of this process that seems so terrible is that I have been able to value people who are worth their weight in gold. People who love me and are there for me even though I have not been the best person for them. This has motivated me to improve my relationships and give them the value they deserve.

I wish we didn’t have to go through these terrible pains to realize all this but the truth is that we tend to be blind and only when we are shaken is when we realize those things.

I am only talking about my relationship but this same process applies to everything. For example, if God wants you to own your own business then you will also have to confront the problems involved in directing other people or the difficulties of knowing how to manage a greater amount of resources.

During this period of sifting, we can find some important points.

We learn to listen to God

Never in my life had I prayed as much as in this process which was beautiful (ignoring the pain) because I felt much closer to God in the sense that I could open my heart and show myself as I am. The prayers were not about 5 minutes but were hours and even days.

The pain was pushing me to go to God and now that I don’t have that same pain because I advanced a little in the process, I still want to maintain that same communication with God.

I consider that after these trials and tribulations we must go out with more strength and better habits, otherwise, the suffering will have been in vain and in my case, I will not allow myself to waste a single tear.

You should know that if Satan asked for permission to shake you and if God allowed it, it is because God advocates for you, which means that he will be by your side helping you overcome the storm and inject you with wisdom to learn from that situation. Simply put, God will be your guide in the middle of the test.

His calling appears

During this process that is undoubtedly painful, you will also encounter what is your calling or what is also known as your life project. I am talking about what He called you to do here on earth.

In my case, I have always talked about depression, which is why many people usually contact me for help and despite me having the experience, I didn’t know very well how to help others in that process. On this occasion, it has been different because I analyzed very well what led me to that point of depression and I have also meditated a lot on how I got out of it. It is in this way that I feel much more prepared to help other people who are also going through something similar.

Later I will be publishing a much more complete book about this whole process and I will also talk about broken hearts. It has been an incredible process from which I have learned a lot and that is why I feel stronger.

Although don’t take me wrong, my life is not summed up in one word. I feel strong because most of the time I am strong but I still have many lapses where I feel a great emptiness in my heart that I had never felt before and sometimes melancholy tries to destroy my soul. However, my strong side usually takes control and doesn’t allow me to fall into that toxic circle of sadness.

It is in this way that I have found my calling. Although as I have shared on other occasions, we don’t have a single call but several. This is just one of those for which God has been preparing me through fire.

The truth is that if you don’t go through the shaking process then you will never know if you have what it takes to fulfill God’s call. Here’s a spoiler, the truth is that you have what is necessary even if fear and uncertainty make you think otherwise.

During this shaking process you will learn three very important things:


There are two options, whether you humble yourself or God humble you but at the end of the day, you will have to learn to be humble. Understand that we are nothing in the extension of the universe and that is why we must thank everything in life.

Believe me, if I tell you that it is much better when you choose to humble yourself before God does it. Recognize your position in the world. Recognize that most things are not in your control except what you think, feel, say and do.


I love talking about discipline because it is something that I have always wanted to develop and it is thanks to the shaking that I have been able to improve in this aspect. It was the shaking in my health that made me disciplined with my diet. It was another shaking in my health that made me disciplined with my physical activity. And so I had many shakings until I managed to be more disciplined with my decisions.

With Jocko Willink I have learned that to be disease-free, financially free, and free in general. It is necessary to be disciplined.


There is a very subtle difference between motivation and inspiration. Motivation is usually an external influence while inspiration is usually an internal influence.

When we are shaken we discover that no one will come to save us and that no one will do what only we can do. That is one of the big problems of depression, we believe that external factors will appear that will help us but this is not the case.

Our parents can love us a lot but as you will have noticed, no matter how much they try to motivate us, the truth is that it doesn’t help us. Only when we decide to motivate and encourage ourselves is when we get up.

It is that motivation that is born within ourselves that I consider an inspiration. That is what I recommend you start producing in your life.

I want to conclude this message by making clear something that is exceedingly important to consider to not run away from God in difficult times. Let’s say the truth, we love to blame others and first of all the one who takes all the blame is usually God.

The truth is that God never wastes someone’s suffering. He is an expert turning bad experiences into something beautiful for our future. So there is no one better for you in these difficult times than God.

By the way, with Mark Manson (author of “The subtle art of not giving a fuck”) I have learned that one thing is to blame and another different on is to be responsible. In my case it may be the fault of my ex who broke my heart after 5 years of pure love but it is my responsibility to accept my share of the fault, it is my responsibility to forgive her, it is my responsibility not to make the same mistakes again and it is my responsibility to be better than before.

Recently I met a friend who has been through the same situation and we were able to empathize a lot which was beautiful (not because we were equally screwed) but because we are not alone. It is important to remember that you are not alone in the storm, that you are not the only one to whom God is shaking. Sharing these experiences and having the empathy of others who understand your situation is also very useful for staying strong and moving forward.

This is all I wanted to share on this occasion although I wanted to thank the Ulysses company because I wrote this using their writing app and they have always supported me to continue writing. In gratitude, it would be great if you can download their application that is available for every Apple device. You should look for it in the AppStore as Ulysses or [click here for iOS] and [here for MacOS]. Leave a review and tell them that Lenus sent you.

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If you would like to continue receiving more of these short messages or even receive a free pdf on spiritual growth, holistic health or business development, then all you have to do is go to this link [WhatsApp]. There you can receive notifications and you can receive the free content.

Don’t forget to stay healthy and keep learning. See you in the next post. Tschüss!

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