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What is plastic 7?

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It’s possible that when you buy a plastic product, you will find a symbol and the number seven. So here I explain What is plastic 7?

The answer to What is plastic 7?

Well, turns out that every product with this recycling symbol and the number seven in the middle means that it’s plastic has been made with a combination of several plastics.

This plastic is awful for recycling so it’s not good for our environment.

You can find this plastic in several places like:

  • Big water bottles.
  • Bulletproof.
  • DVD.
  • PCs.
  • Posters and plastic signs.

This list can go on with several types of products, but I guess you get the idea.

The only thing that you should do in a supermarket or any other store is to check out the number of the containers so you could know which ones are made with this plastic and with that you’ll be able to take better decisions.

Now, when someone asked you about What is plastic 7? You would be able to respond.

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