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How to relieve stress at work?

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How to relieve stress at work? This solution will also apply to any stress symptoms so there will be no more signs of stress wherever you are.

This is an article with simple recommendations because there’s no use for me to make it all complicated. You’ll only need to push yourself so you can get free from stress.

Before we get into the recommendations, we should talk about something very important as:

Signs of stress

To make it clear, you should know that I talk about the stress that you have when your brain neurons are overloaded. Because there’s another cell stress which is caused by poor habits and an awful health.

The most common sign of stress is anxiety attacks or the famous anxiety crisis. You need to know this before dealing with stress.

One of the consequences are depressions for which I recommend you check out this [Natural Treatment for depression].

If you have a migraine then check out this [Natural Treatment for Headaches].


How to relieve stress at work?

Here are my top recommendations on how to overcome stress on a daily basis.

Drink water reminder

Drink water reminder | How to relieve stress at work?
Drink water reminder | How to relieve stress at work?

You will notice that water have awesome benefits and if you don’t believe me then ask your plants. Even you are like 55-60% water.

Water has the power to calm you down and make you relax. Not only by drinking it but also the sound of water in nature have shown to be comforting.

I don’t recommend any other beverage, especially because most of them have lots of sugar or have caffeine which produces more stress, migraine, and headaches. So, just drink natural and fresh water.

Breathe in breathe out

Breathe in breathe out | How to relieve stress at work?
Breathe in breathe out | How to relieve stress at work?

When there’s no oxygen enough our brain suffers. That’s why pure air is fundamental for optimum brain function. The better you breathe, the stronger your brain will be.

What I recommend you do is to breathe deeply for 10 minutes each day. Just close your eyes and focus on breathing deeply. To turn this into a habit, make sure you have an alarm or a reminder.

This exercise takes 10 minutes and I use it even without stress because it helps a lot to renovate your strength so you can keep working.

Obviously, if you want to do several sessions of 10 minutes each, you can do it. What I recommend is to do at least one session of 10 minutes.

Walk with me

Walk with me | How to relieve stress at work?
Walk with me | How to relieve stress at work?

Some people have gyms at their workspace which can be useful, but if you don’t, doesn’t matter. You don’t need anything to walk or run.

What I recommend you is to take 10 minutes so you can walk around your office or wherever you are.

What I do is to take random breaks to exercise or simply walk. For exercise, you don’t need a gym or proper clothes. Just do some squats, planks, abs, and whatever you can imagine.

The benefit of exercise is huge when you do it with a proper breathing. It provides energy, boosts your mood, and avoid stress.


Fruit | How to relieve stress at work?
Fruit | How to relieve stress at work?

All fruits are good for health. If you have heard some people that say otherwise, well I made a complete explanation of why they say so and [why fruits are fundamental for proper health].

One of the benefits is that fruits provide energy, and the nutrients reduce/avoid physical wear. So, it’s less probable for you to suffer from stress, migraine or others.

I have the certainty that at least you have one fruit that you love. Start with that one. Bring with you fruit so you can eat it at work or wherever you go.

Environmental issues

Environmental issues | How to relieve stress at work?
Environmental issues | How to relieve stress at work?

The environment has a strong impact on our well-being. There’s nothing worst than a civilization that takes us apart from nature.

This is why you need to have open windows so you can get pure air which is important for the 10 minutes of deep breathing. It’s also very useful if you can have plants or a view to parks.

Make your workspace very comfy. Nature and the color green in general produce calm and peaceful feelings. As you can image, it’s very important to avoid stress.


Those were all my recommendation although I still have one that is very powerful. It’s about:

Gratitude Meditation

Gratitude Meditation | How to relieve stress at work?
Gratitude Meditation | How to relieve stress at work?

Gratitude is a powerful tool to be happy. It’s as simple as just thinking about those things you are grateful for. You can do this before you go to sleep or at any time during the day. This will always produce a smile on you.

I don’t know the first person who doesn’t have anything to be grateful for. There’s always something new each day.

Gratitude will be your best tool against depression, anxiety, and stress.


I hope you find this advice very useful on how to relieve stress. If you have any doubts, let me know.

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