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Why some cancers are more common than others?

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Let’s analyze a reasonable answer to why some cancers are more common than others? and maybe we could understand more about how to prevent them.

I have heard a very reasonable theory years ago and now I recently have found other great theory that complements the previous one. The recent one was on the website ScienceDaily.

I just wanted to highlight the word theory because there’s no official proof about what I’m about to say. But for what I have experienced it seems to apply. So it’s my favorite theory in that matter.

The answer to Why some cancers are more common than others?

Lenus | Why some cancers are more common than others?
Lenus | Why some cancers are more common than others?

As you can see in the image above there are a lot of cancers. Modern Medicine considers them completely different, and they also say that depending on their phase they are completely different.

But for Natural Medicine, it’s the same. Actually, it’s the same disease but with different expressions. So what I’m going to explain in here is why it has different expressions. Although if you think about it, it makes sense since we are all different, so cancer should express itself in different ways.



Our DNA is different from any other human being. So each person has different weak and strong organs. For example, the weakest organ in some people is the liver.

Cancer will express firstly on your weakest organ. And I say firstly because we know that cancer starts to appear in other organs once it starts to conquer the body.

That’s the simple explanation.

You have to know that the weakest organ is not exactly something you born with. It’s more something you develop with your daily habits. For example, if you smoke or live near someone who does, then your weakest organ will be your lungs, trachea, throat, and so on. If you eat spicy food, sugars, and others as a daily base then your liver, stomach, and intestines will suffer. If you don’t make your depositions daily (have chronic constipation) then your large intestine (colon) will suffer.

So as you can see the one that affects the DNA and develop weaker organs is yourself.

When you find kids in hospitals is because that’s the heritage of their parents and I don’t talk only about DNA but mainly about the daily habits that the kids inherit.

If you have some DNA weakest organs you can change it because we can influence our DNA with our daily habits. Find more about it on the science called epigenetic.

SECOND EXPLANATION (complementary)

To finally answer the question why some cancers are more common than others?

My first answer will be that it’s due to the cultural habits but it’s also due to a very interesting theory that says:

“The organs that are the most important to keeping you alive and capable of reproduction, such as the heart, brain, or uterus, may enjoy a better protection against cancer.”


In any case, although I love theories and concepts when it comes to human lives you must give solutions. So that’s what I will give you in case you have cancer:

The solution

I would love to tell you that you will cure cancer, but that’s way out of my control to say. What I can say is that these treatments will help you enjoy life at the most and hopefully get free from the disease.

Find the treatment here: [Natural Treatment for Cancer]


Remember that those are only theories that I believe in. There might be another better explanation but for now, that one seems to work.

So, to sum-up:

  • Our bad daily habits influence our DNA and physiology creating weaker organs which are the first to be affected by diseases.
  • Our body has higher protection for vital organs and reproductive organs.

Hope you find it useful or at least interesting.

Finally, don’t forget to Stay Healthy!
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Source for Why some cancers are more common than others?

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