Pivotal decisions

The whole idea with pivotal decisions is that the important decisions are not the big ones but the most impactful…


I’m confused about my calling

Sometimes I’m confused about my calling because there are so many interpretations of what that means that is overwhelming.


Peace in my pocket

Peace in my pocket is a teaching about how to get peace every single day of our lives because it's…


Fear of running out

There are several fears in the world but there’s one that is becoming popular and it’s not FOMO, I’m talking…


Crushing it!

It took me a while but here’s finally my review of the book crushing it! by Gary Vaynerchuk with some…


What’s controlling your joy?

Sometimes you feel like you lose your joy which means that you don't control your joy. So, what's controlling your…


Flip it

With Jesus, we now have the power to flip our situations. So, flip it. You should live a life worth…


The path of peace

The path of peace is not a place and it can't come from the world because we cannot afford to…


Social Revolution

Definitely, there are several reasons for a social revolution but four main causes are economic justice, politic representation, global justice,…


Midas Touch by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump

Here are the best parts and quotes of the Midas Touch book by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump with a…