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Washing blood

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Washing Blood is a treatment from thermal medicine that is focused on purifying and nourishing the blood to improve our health.

The treatment is based on a series of circulatory and nervous reactions provoked by periodic ablutions of cold water over the skin warmed by steam, sun or nettle.

From this we can understand that the important part are the cold water ablutions rather than the heating part. This is why this treatment doesn’t have anything in common with the Kneipp Steam Bath, Kuhn Steam Bath, Turkish Bath or Russian Bath.

Also we know that every hot bath is weakening and over the time it harms our body. That’s why we use the ablutions, because the reaction with cold water make the blood flow to the skin which avoid internal heat and purifies the blood by expelling toxins through the sweat on the skin.

I started talking about reactions in our body. Firstly in our circulatory system, because the function of our entire body including the nervous system will depend on the quality of the blood. We also want the reaction on our nervous system since it’s the responsable to regulate the activities of nutrition and elimination in the blood.

Remember that every illness is caused by poor nutrition and by bad disposal. From that you can know that the nervous system is really important for our health. In thermal medicine one of our main goals is to protect and reactivate the function of nervous system’s activity.

Before going into the application I want to tell you that with this treatment your body will expel toxins like uric acid, inorganic mineral salts, medicaments and much more.

Washing Blood

1. Steam Box

There’s a special box for this washing blood treatment, and hopefully I’ll have it in my facilities to treat more people but for now the idea is that you can do it at home by your own so let’s see other options available.

2. Steam at Home

The first thing and most important thing you should know is that you have to be in a closed room without any airflows. After this you can continue.

Take a chair, ideally wood chair, so you can sit down. Under the chair you are going to put boiling water because we are interested in the steam. To take advantage of the steam we are gonna use some blankets to keep the steam inside. This means that you would use the blankets to cover your body and the steam without your head, only from the toes to your neck. In this way you will get an even heat on your body.

Also to keep the boiling water you can use the equipment for sauna that it’s electric or any other but never use coal or fuel because those are toxins that can get inside of our body through the skin.

Once you have all prepared, sit down naked and get warm with the steam on your entire body. When you are really warm you have to take a [cold water ablution] and then without drying get back on your seat to keep with the steam. You can repeat all this process 6-8 times.

Before you do the last ablution, instead you should take a cold water shower as usual but faster and then dress up. Is ideal that you only dry your head, hands and feet because those are the body parts that usually are in contact with airflows.

Is that simple.

3. Nettle

This is another great alternative in case you can’t move for any reason. So just stay in your bed and using the nettle pass it all over your naked body until you start to warm up, if not keep passing the nettle until you do. When you start to warm up then cover yourself under the bed sheets.

After a while you must be warm so without getting up do a [cold water friction] and without drying yourself up cover under your bed sheets again and wait until you’re warm again. You can repeat this process 6-8 times. And to repeat this whole treatment you can wait 15 minutes if you have a hard time to warm up, or 30 minutes for more advanced diseases until you feel more relaxed, or you can take more than 60 minutes as you wish.

4. Sun bath

This is the last method we have for Washing Blood and we’re going to replace the steam with the sun to warm up the body. Although this treatment I already had explain in here: [Sun Bath]

If you have any doubt it might be helpful to watch the [treatment in video].

I hope this Washing Blood treatment can be helpful to recover your life. Health!

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