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Trunk Bath

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Trunk bath is another hydrotherapy treatment from thermal medicine which is 100% natural and effective, also you can apply it from your home, you just need to follow every step.

By the way there’s also other alternatives por the trunk bath which I recommend you to check out in the treatments section. But for now lets see this treatment and how we can use it for our benefit.

Trunk bath

To start we’re gonna need a bathtub and in it you should add cold water with the purpose of getting wet only the hips, the trunk and spine.

Once you are inside the bathtub, during 5 to 15 minutes you should rub the lower stomach with a towel during the whole bath.

IF YOU HAVE FEVER you should use instead water at 28-30°C and so in this way you can extend your bath time up to 30 minutes. During this time you should add fresh water directly on your belly doing the rub on your lower stomach which is where the bowels are. At the same time you should take out the hot water since you should only be wetting your hips, trunk and spine.

REPEAT until you have your pulse under control although you can also repeat this bath more than 3 times a day if you want.

This are the basics of the treatment, although in the treatments for specific disease I may give another additional advice to use this trunk bath treatment.

For now I’m just gonna explain that that the fresh water that goes into your stomach improves the digestive system functions since it refresh the bowels, also the rubbing helps to activate the skin to improve circulation and also helps to expel toxins through the skin. In this way you are cleaning your body.

Actually this treatment as all those from thermal medicine have a lot of implications that I’m not gonna explain in here but you can find it in a complete article in this website.

It’s posible that this treatment gets a little hard to understand, so I hope this video can be really helpful although it’s in spanish: [Treatment on Video]

If your have doubts the write them on the comments or through social media. Health!


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