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Sunbath is a treatment that you can apply wherever you are in the world and is also safe to try.

This is a treatment that we all should try everyday even if we are not sick because it’s the best way to stay healthy.

Sunbath have two main qualities:

  1. Vitalizing:

    Sunlight can gives us thermic and chemical energy.

  2. Purifier:

    It helps us to expel toxins through our sweat.


The main idea is to stand out so the sunlight can reach you, but there’s some guidelines that you should know before trying this. The first thing you should know is that your head should be in the shadow which means that the sunlight only reaches your body without your head. Also you should be naked and covered with some sheets or blankets.

Don’t make the mistake of sitting on a chair although it’s also good for health is not as useful. The idea of this treatment is to get even heat from the sunlight and from the surface you are lying down. This is only posible if you lay down on the floor covered with blankets or on your bed. In this way your body get even heat.

When you’re about to finish the sunbath you should end it with an ablution of cold water which is similar to a [cold water friction] . The only difference is that in the ablution you don’t squeeze the towel and in the friction you do. This means that in the ablution, the towel is really wet. Also to end the sunbath you can also have a [trunk bath] instead of the ablution.

If the sunlight is too strong then you should cover up the affected areas in your body with leaves or with mud. I recommend the mud which is much better so for it check out how to apply it in the [mud treatment]. By the way the affected areas are the problems like skin conditions like eczema or also tumors, ulcers and others. I’m telling you this because if the sunlight reach those areas directly then the inflammation can be worst and this can cause congestion and internal fever. So it’s better to use mud to cover this areas during the sunbath.

When the skin is pigmented then it means that the skin got the energy from the sun.

As in every treatment, this one can be dangerous if you don’t follow the instructions and apply them with prudence.


Sunbath can be applied at any time during the day but is better in the first hours where the air is purer and the sunlights are lighter.

The sunbath can take 1-60 minutes, but the ideal time to start is 15 minutes so you can get use to it.

Blood washing

This is another thermal medicine treatment and it can be applied using the sun. As you can guess, the purpose is to purify the blood quality.

For this the sun will replace steam in the Blood Washing treatment. This means that you should follow the normal process of the sunbath but with some changes that are:

  1. Every time the heat start to annoy you (usually is 5 minutes) you should take cold water ablutions or the cold water frictions if you prefer.
  2. Without drying yourself continue with the sunbath.
  3. To end the sunbath treatment you should have a cold water bath. The usual bath that you take but faster (less than a minute in bath).

I recommend you to have 6-8 ablutions which means 30-40 minutos of sunbath if you take the ablution every 5 minutes.

Don’t worry about getting burn because with the ablutions that you take every 5 minutes there will not be any problem.

Sadly I only have this treatment video in spanish but still it may be useful: [Treatment in video | Spanish]

Hope you find this treatment useful. Health!

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