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Sitz bath

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Continuing with hydrotherapy, sitz bath is another great natural treatment from thermal medicine.

In every treatment I wrote I used to explain what is our main focus in Thermal Medicine, but in case you don’t know I’m gonna try to explain it in the most simple way.

When you consume processed food the digestive system have to work even harder to digest those kind of food. This effort cause internal heat within the organs, which leads into putrefaction of the food that is being digested, this also cause a rise in the toxins. Since the digestive system is overload, the body will try to expel this toxins through the skin but when you don’t work out or you do other kind of skin damage, then the toxins will not be able to get out through the skin which means that the toxins will stay inside the body causing damage to internal organs. And then you will get different types of diseases.

If you think it well that explain why one person that suffer from one disease easily get other kind of disease.

Thermal Medicina focus on the internal heat so it can be regulated. But this can only be done with natural treatments, because is the only way to make the internal organs to work properly as it’s natural. And also to expel the toxins in natural ways.

Here is when the sitz bath treatment come to play.

Sitz Bath

For this we’ll need a bathtub to add cold water. But before anything more you should do this in a closed environment where there’s no airflows, otherwise this treatment won’t work and even it could be harmful. After taking this precaution you can get into the bathtub but only covering the hips, this means that the only part of your body that should touch the water are the hips area, since we’re only interesting in the lower digestive system area.

For 1-5 minutes you’re going to rub your belly area with your wet hands to cover all the digestive system area. This will make the blood to flow through the skin which regulates internal heat and also make the toxins to come out through the skin. With this the digestive system should be able to absorb nutrientes and even to expel toxins properly.

Is because all of this that the sitz bath help to release the bowels from the heat and digestive stress which makes it the best natural way to restore the good digestive system functions.

Also I made a video in spanish that can help you to understand all of this a little bit better: [Video Treatment]

If you have doubts leave them in the comments or write me through twitter.

Have a nice day! Keep Healthy!

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