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Genital Bath

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Genital bath is a really efficient treatment even more than others from thermal medicine since it produce a fast reaction to stimulate the nervous system.

And to understand this treatment I’m gonna divide it for men and women, because for kids there are other alternatives. This treatment is focused on treating advanced illness.

Genital bath


We’re gonna use a bathtub where your are going to sit in a way that you don’t touch the water. You could sit in the bathtub border or even you can add a wood to sit on it. The important thing is that not a single part of your body should have contact with the cold water that we’re about to put on the bathtub.

Now, add the cold water into the bathtub and then you can sit down. Before you continue, make sure that there aren’t airflows which means that you should be on a closed room. Otherwise this treatment can be dangerous.

Once everything is alright and you are ready, then with the help of a cloth or small towel you are going to reach the cold water so the cloth gets completely wet and then use it to wash the external genital area. Remember that this bath should be apply only externally and with lots of water in the cloth.

The cloth wash should be done the entire time you’re on the bath.

Note: During menstruation you should suspend this bath for 3-4 days. Also if you notice vaginal discharge, eruptions or sores, keep in mind that the body is throwing away all the toxins so this is a good reaction that only occurs on the first times.


We’re gonna need a bathtub and fill it with cold water. No body part should touch the water so you’ll have to sit on the bathtub border or use wood to sit on it.

By the way, the important thing is to close the room so you avoid airflows inside.

Now wet the cloth or small towel so then you can wash the top of the foreskin. For this you will need the balano (end portion of the male member) covered by the foreskin. Keep the foreskin stretched so you can softly wash it under water. Keep doing this the entire time you’re on the bath.


From this you will notice that Jewish people can apply this treatment since the have cut the foreskin in the circumcision. But there are other treatments that they can use.


About times, it’s the same for men than for women. The bath should take from 20 to 60 minutos depending on the illness. Also the ideal time to take this bath is in the morning while you’re in fast, or at least one hour before meals.

You can repeat this bath 1-3 times a day.


The genital bath have all the benefits from thermal medicina because from the first bath the inflammation will low fast and also the internal fever. This produce that the blood flows better to the skin and to the extremities. This also fortifies the nerves which helps with the vital energy in the whole body and also improves the natural defenses on the body.

To conclude you should know that the genital bath is very powerful since in the genitals are the nerve endings from the whole body so there’s a direct connection with the nervous system which is responsable for guiding the body’s vital functions. And this is why it’s so effective and fast.

This treatment can be a little hard to understand so here a leave a spanish video that can be useful: [Treatment Video]

If you have any more doubts, leave them on the comments or through social networks. Health!

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