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Sight problems

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This is a animation that explain sight problems that we can get, although I’m working on a sight treatment with myself so soon I will be publishing it in this website through the treatments section.

To start, 2000 years ago a philosopher called Seneca was reading his books but somehow he notice that when he read his books through a glass of water the letters looked more sharp.

This is due to refraction which is the ability of a transparent medium like glass, water and eyes that transform the direction of light passing trough.

The eye had 2 main refraction surfaces that are the cornea and lens. These two have to work together to refract light to accurate focuses light on to the retina which is the layer of light sensitive tissue that works with the brain to give us vision.

Sight problems

The sight problems are due to a poor function of the cornea or lens that is usually caused by toxins coming from the digestive system that alters the nervous system, and this toxins are caused by a poor nutrition and intoxication.


This is when the refracted light is focused on a point before reaching the retina. This means to be short-sighted.


This is when the refracted light is focused on a point beyond the retina. This means to be long-sighted.


This is when the cornea has non spherical shape, so it refract two lights. This means to be out of focus.


This used to happen to people older than 40 years in which they have a hard time to focus objects that are near. When we are young, our eyes have the accommodation property where it help us to focus images when we are far or near.

Eyeglasses works as an third element to refract light and in this way help to sight problems, although there are some surgeries that can alter the cornea shape to improve sight.

I definitely don’t recommend surgery since you will me altering your own cornea when that is not the problem. I explained that the responsables are the toxins from our digestive system, so the first step will be to improve your diet and for so I recommend this [nutritional plan], beside that I’ll we publishing the full treatment so you should be signed for our [newsletter] to get notified.

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