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5 Steps to improve thinking

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In this video we talk about critical thinking and they offers 5 steps to improve thinking, because critical thinking helps us make better decisions when detailing a question to know their secrets and benefits.

When we say “I feel it’s the right thing” we are thinking and acting emotionally. But that’s not the idea, because we must use all available tools to eliminate all guile possible and make clear the most useful information.

5 Steps to improve thinking

1. Formulate your question

We do this in order to know and be clear what you’re looking for.

To understand each step I will use the example of a person who wants to start a healthier diet. So the first step for this person is to understand what he wants to get of that. He might want to lose weight, improve his nutrition or just get more energy. Any of these options will define his main motivation.

2. Gather your information

When wanting to start a new diet, you have to ask a specialist to guide you or you can also look for testimonials from others who have already tried. Gather as much information as possible will help you get closer to the decision that works for you.

3. Apply the information

It is when you analyze all information, whether it is credible or possible. And exactly here is when you start your critical thinking. For example if a nutritionist tells you that fruit or honey is hurting you, with all the information gathered you will know that those are pure nonsense even if it comes from a specialist. Believe me when I say it is not good to rely on one person to make a decision, it is better to learn from different sources to make the best decision.

4. Consider the implications

Every decision you make has consequences, and some may have terrible implications for you. For example if you choose to listen the terrible advice of the nutritionist and you stop consuming certain fruits and honey, you should consider all the nutrients you’d stop consuming and also in all the diseases that you could be avoiding be consuming such foods. Do not take decisions lightly.

5. Explore other views

Why do other people choose other things? In the example of the person who wants to have a better diet we can ask ourselves what are the reasons that others have to follow other different diet. For example other people can follow a Mediterranean diet because they want to care for their cardiovascular health and therefore prefer to use olive oil in all their meals.

Anyway these 5 steps to improve thinking will help you find what you are looking for.

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