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Vitamin supplements are a bad idea

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I always listen to people that said they’re consuming vitamins, for one thing or another, which is disturbing because through thermal medicine and even through natural principles we now know that supplements are not something healthy. But I don’t want to talk with hypothesis, so in this article you will find out why vitamin supplements are a bad idea.

Here is an example that will help you understand the main idea. Imagining an apple, do you think that it will be the same to eat an apple than to drink water? Because the apple is mostly water, so it should be the same right? Well, as is natural to guess, the answer is no. The mix of nutrients including water, is what makes an apple a nutritive special food. This is the same with any other fruit. So in this we find the main mistake of labs that produce supplements.

Having this in mind we can see that all supplements are created with the purpose to replace natural sources. I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I realised that I knew there were something really wrong with supplements.

Vitamin supplements are a bad idea

Vitamin supplements rise the risk of cancer since you are already eating the vitamins you need, and when your body doesn’t assimilate vitamins, those oxidise and turn into toxins that rise the carcinogenic cells which rise the probability to get cancer. I hope I’m making this process clear, although you can find more about this in universities investigations online.

By the way the multivitamins are always a waste of money. Because if you buy fresh food, there you have the vitamins you need. Just remember that fresh food are vegetables and fruits because those are non processed food or at least they shouldn’t be.

Then you can be sure that vitamin supplements are a bad idea, and thanks to some specialists in Quora and Science Based Medicine I solved my doubt about why people still recommends supplements. The reason is exaggerated marketing since the first time scientist discover the role that vitamins have in our health.

“Their reputation has gone beyond the science and taken on almost mythical proportions.” – Science Based Medicine

“The market is full of exaggerated and even magical claims about the cure-all power of vitamins.” – Science Based Medicine

This had risen the supplement industry that only cares to keep promoting the same thing: A tricked truth.

“The supplement industry is an overgrown under-regulated behemoth upon which is wasted billions and billions of dollars every year.” – Craig Good

To conclude i’m gonna sum up this by saying that with a good diet, vitamin supplements in the best case are a waste of money, and in the worst are dangerous for our health. So instead of buying supplements you should follow a [nutritional plan] with real food.

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