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Strengthens the defenses of a newborn baby

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The immune system of a newborn baby starts on the first time they see light outside of their mother’s environment, that is, their birth.

Let me tell you from now that I do not recommend in any case antibiotics. And that this article doesn’t have the focus on nutrition.

A newborn baby depends a 100% on their mother, so the mother should be healthy. The mother should be very strict with the foods she consumes because the quality of her child’s food depends on her.

For that, I recommend this [nutritional guide]. Although, that’s not the main focus of today’s article.


The most important for a newborn baby

Lenus | Strengthens the defenses of a newborn baby
Lenus | Strengthens the defenses of a newborn baby

The most important part is the birth part. In this moment will be defined the structure of the baby.

A lot of people think that a healthy baby develops in a bacteria-free environment. But that’s just false. Actually, you should know that breastmilk also contains bacteria so the baby can develop his own healthy intestinal microbiota. That’s why I don’t recommend fortified milk because it has almost no useful nutrients and those that it has are in disproportion which is also useless.

When mothers give birth through a natural method. The baby is exposed to a lot of microbes provided by the mother when the baby is going through the birth canal.

Babies are born with immunological tolerance induced by T lymphocytes provided by the mother which allows the baby to become colonized by this first inoculum.

If the baby birth is through c-section then he or she won’t have that first inoculum which could produce deficiencies on their immune system. That’s why there are several reports/research that relate deficiencies with c-section.

That’s because the inoculum forms that microbiota on babies. Only those babies that go through the birth canal can receive the microbes that will establish their microbiota and as a consequence their immune system.

That’s why a baby with a natural birth has better defenses.

Although, it’s not only about strengthen defenses because microbiota can also contribute to a normal physiology or to avoid disease predisposition.


That’s why I’ll always recommend natural birth. I know there are a lot of woman worried about pain but there are natural alternatives that can help you with the natural birth process that is fundamental.

I wanted to talk about this because I know that several doctors and hospitals are recommending C-Section without a valid medical justification. C-sections tempt with the life and development of the baby. So, you should have a valid justification to use c-section.

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