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Selective Mosquito Bites

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Let’s see the reasons why some people tend to suffer more from mosquito bites than others and also why mosquitoes bite, in case you wonder.

This the classic problem on any tropical trip where most of us suffer from mosquito bites. I think that mosquito bites are important to boost our immune system but that’s something I will explain more in another post. Although, this doesn’t mean that you should allow mosquito bites all over you.

In any case, the main focus of this article is to identify some mosquitoes patterns.


Mosquito Bites

Here are some reasons why there are people that seem more tempting to get mosquitoes bites than others.

Mosquitoes search for pregnant women

Mosquitoes search for pregnant women | Selective Mosquito Bites
Mosquitoes search for pregnant women | Selective Mosquito Bites

Female mosquitoes –the ones that bite us– are obsessed with carbon dioxide. Well, not exactly obsessed but it’s their way to find fresh meat to have their meal.

Since pregnant women exhale 21% more carbon dioxide during their last stages of pregnancy, they’re more attacked by nearby mosquitoes.

That’s not just that. Pregnant women radiate an odor that is in the mosquitoes radar. So, it actually works like a lighthouse.

Mosquitoes love sweat

Mosquitoes love sweat
Mosquitoes love sweat

Mosquitoes love lactic acid that is expelled through sweat after a hard session of fitness. But it’s not just that. Heat call their attention. Maybe that’s because they know there’s a connection between heat and sweat.

Mosquitoes favorite blood type

Mosquitoes favorite blood type | Selective Mosquito Bites
Mosquitoes favorite blood type | Selective Mosquito Bites

The type of blood O is their favorite. But not because there’s something special in this specific type of blood. Actually, it’s because most people with this type of blood also have a particular odor that takes their attention.

Alcoholic mosquitoes

Alcoholic mosquitoes
Alcoholic mosquitoes

There’s no explanation to this although there seems to be a correlation between alcohol and a tendency to get mosquito bites. It’s most likely have to be with odor. For now there’s no clear explanation but still is good to know.

Natural mosquito repellent

Natural mosquito repellent | Selective Mosquito Bites
Natural mosquito repellent | Selective Mosquito Bites

Some people produce by themselves a natural mosquitoes repellent while others have to coexist with this nuisance.

This production of natural mosquitoes repellent is due to some active genes in your DNA. So, you should thank your parents for that.


Why do mosquitoes bite

After checking all the points above you can notice that the most common thing is the odor. In other words, the mosquito’s meal will be the one with the best odor, which makes sense because we do the same thing.


Anti Mosquito

Mosquitoes don’t have any fault not even about diseases. Mosquitoes are part of the ecosystem much longer than we do. So, some things you can do based on the points we see above are:

  • Close the windows or curtains at night.
  • In case of heat goes up and you’re sweating then apply [the cold water friction].
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol.
  • The animal-derived foods produce a very strong and tempting odor when they are cooked so that might call the attention of nearby mosquitoes. Avoid these foods or control the odor as possible.
  • Although we don’t know how to activate those natural repelling genes we can try fasting and fitness to activate some genes to improve our nervous system.

There must be more tips about this topic but for now, those are enough.

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