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Second Brain Discovered

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Our second brain can influence our emotions, determine our general health and it even has the power to save you from several diseases.

From a long time ago I’ve been reading and learning a lot about our second brain. If you’re also interested in this topic I recommend you these books that talk about it:

There’s another great book that is hard to find and I’m not sure if there’s an English version. It’s a book about Natural Medicine and it’s in Spanish, it’s called “Medicina al alcance de todos”. Probably I’ll make a summary of the book so subscribe to be notified.


Second Brain Human

I know that it sounds weird. Like the second heart of Doctor Who but actually it’s the best name considering its function and influence.

The second brain in a human body is also known as the enteric nervous system.

Enteric Nervous System

Enteric Nervous System | Second Brain Discovered
Enteric Nervous System | Second Brain Discovered

As you might expect from a nervous system, it has tons of neurons inside the walls of the digestive tube from the top of the esophagus to the end in the anus.

The second brain of a body has millions of neurons. That’s even more than our spinal cord or the peripheral nervous system. That says a lot about the second brain and why it’s so important for our body and for our brain.

The reason why it’s known as the “second brain in your gut” is mainly because it has the capacity to work independently from our main brain. It can be completely autonomous.

Researchers have found that our second brain sends data through our primary visceral nerve called Vagus into our brain. In the 90% of cases is our second brain sending data to our brain and not otherwise.

Emotions everywhere

Emotions everywhere | Second Brain Discovered
Emotions everywhere | Second Brain Discovered

I talked about this in another article where I explained [how our gut controls our emotions].

This is due to the 95% of the serotonin which comes from our guts and also the enteric nervous system contains more than 30 neurotransmitters. So, it has the capacity to control our mood.

That explains why we are moody when we have digestive problems and also why sometimes we change our mood so drastically. This can help us understand how to solve emotional problems with [natural treatments] that are focused on the digestive function.

Osteoporosis bone density

Osteoporosis bone density | Second Brain Discovered
Osteoporosis bone density | Second Brain Discovered

Something very interesting that you should know is that our guts can regulate our bone’s density. There have been studies done on rodents to proof how a healthy gut can cure osteoporosis by regulating its density.

You don’t lose anything by maintaining a healthy gut, especially if you have osteoporosis. So, my invitation is to protect your gut.

Maybe you’re wondering How to use the second brain to my advantage? Well, that’s what we’re going to see now.


How to use the second brain?

Obviously, the first thing to do is to take care of your nutrition and for that, I recommend you these principles of the [nutritional plan].

If you have digestive problems, then is highly important for you to apply at least 2 of these [Natural Treatments].

Finally, what I recommend that is very important –since there’s a big conflict of interests– is that you should avoid medicaments. Those medicaments always affect the digestive system. Probably some doctors and pharmacies will tell you that those are only side effects.

Who tell you that side effects aren’t important? Those are highly important especially because it affects your digestive system which is the foundation of health. I’m not gonna get into details but I only recommend [Natural Alternatives] that are 100% safe and that restore health in a whole way without side effects.

Here’s an interesting fact. The irritable bowel syndrome affects more than 2 million people just in the United States. Imagine the actual number for the whole world. One of the most common symptoms related to this is the rise of too much serotonin.

The irony is that the SSRIs (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) –that is antidepressant medications– produce a raise on serotonin levels which cause side effects on the intestinal tract.

I’m not gonna get tired of repeating, replace medicaments and antibiotics with natural alternatives. Believe me, there are a lot of safe natural options.


I’m grateful for being able to share this with you and I hope you start applying this knowledge to your daily habits.

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