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Fructose is the devil inside fruit

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Some say that fruit is bad for health because of its content of fructose so lets see if that is really truth or a honest mistake.

The first time I read about how bad fruit is, was in the book of David Perlmutter called Grain Brain. But since he never proved it I decided to ignore those claims.

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But now some people actually think that it is truth and are giving me a hard time with that. So I decided to make it really clear using several researches and analysing all the claims against eating fruit.

So lets start with that.

Is about fruit or fructose?

Someone over youtube send me this investigation claiming that fruit is bad for our health.

The investigation is called “Dietary sugar and artificial sweetener intake and chronic kidney disease: a review.” Which is weird because to start in the title it talks only about processed sugar.

And since I haven’t find other research against fruit consumption I’m gonna use this one to make clear that fruits are safe to eat.

Also, if you know another research let me know.

Using the summary description of the research I couldn’t find any reference to fruit as a source of sugar. They only conclude that high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sucrose are bad for our kidneys. In other words they are talking about processed sugar.

To this point is obvious that this research doesn’t proof that fruit is bad for our health.

So for now I will use the statement of David Perlmutter which is how fructose as a sugar is bad for our health. And let me say that it is a legit statement because is well known and well proved that sugar is bad for our health.

For that claim I will use some of the statements in the research “The effect of fructose on renal biology and disease”.

The first thing they say is that “Dietary fructose intake is increasing. It is increasing primarily from added sugars, including sucrose and high fructose corn syrup, and correlates epidemiologically with the rising prevalence of metabolic syndrome and hypertension worldwide.”

So the problem is added sugar which is processed sugar and not necessarily natural sugar in fruits.

The research is interesting because it shows how processed sugar cause renal problems. But it has nothing to be with fruits.

Let me explain better. Fructose is a simple sugar or monosaccharide that is present primarily in added dietary sugars, honey and fruit. But the primary sources of fructose in our food are from sucrose, a disaccharide containing 50% fructose and 50% glucose bonded together, and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), which is a mixture of free fructose and free glucose. Which obviously are bad for our health since those are processed sugar.

Which means that in our diet we obtain more fructose from processed foods than from fruits or honey.

So in a simple way, the problem are all those processed foods that contains added sugar, including variations of fructose.

You may be thinking that if we eat a lot of fruit we will have high levels of fructose that could be bad for our health.

Well you are right about this except that there are two main points to consider.

To start, when you get fructose from fruit is not the same to get it from processed food. Because the levels of fiber and water in fruits helps to digest the fructose easily.

Lenus | Fructose is the devil inside fruit

Did you know that some fruits are like 92% water? For example, watermelon and strawberries.

The second thing. “Health implications of fructose consumption: A review of recent data.” research explains that:
”Negative conclusions have been drawn from studies in rodents or in humans attempting to elucidate the mechanisms and biological pathways underlying fructose consumption by using unrealistically high fructose amounts.”

Let me bold unrealistically high fructose amounts so I don’t think you can eat that amount of fructose with fruits.

Also a whole cup of the most sugary fruit that is Lychee is about 29 grams of sugar. But in the case of fructose, less than 50 grams haven’t shown any problem and less than 100 grams haven’t shown any weight change.

Is not possible for you to eat enough fruits to over do the 100 grams of sugar. Not even the 50 grams of sugar, because its content of fiber will make you feel full for longer periods of time.

So to sum up. Fruit is really good and nutritive.

So feel free to eat as you want. Health!

Pd. This also applies to honey.

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