Finances and nutrition

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A lot of people think that having a healthy lifestyle is very expensive, so let’s see some recommendations about finances and nutrition.

Before we get into those recommendations I want to share my personal experience. When I’ve decided to work on Lenus I had to skip several jobs and since then my income is very uncertain but that was the best thing it could happen because I have learned a lot of things that I’m gonna share in here.

You should know that my average income per week is $20 dollars. Although I have sponsors that help me pay my rent and utilities. So those $20 dollars are mainly for food.

Beside that I have three savings:

  1. Normal savings.
  2. Investment savings.
  3. Giving savings. (For social support)

I tell you this so you can see the difference between complaining and learning how to properly use what you have even if it isn’t much.

By the way, on my savings, I usually add $1 dollar on each one every time I have $1 dollar bills. Actually, it is not in dollars but to help you understand the monetary exchange I will keep using the equivalent in dollars.

Now, let’s see what I have learned about finances and nutrition:


Finances and nutrition

For me is really hard to organize these ideas so I’m gonna share them as they arrive into my head. I just hope you start to apply them as you can, at your own pace.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Know the price.

Years ago, when I was working in my company that didn’t work as I expected, I started to write the price of all the foods that were available in my local market.

After that, it turned into a habit so I kept doing so. Although now I don’t write the prices of all the foods, I keep an excel list with the min and max price of each food so with that I can know the average price of each food.

So when a food is below that average means that is worth buying it. Not only because is cheaper but also because it means that the food is the season which means that it has a higher level of nutrients.

If you buy more exotic foods that are not in season, those will not be as nutritive. So they will be a waste of money.

Note: I also keep a financial balance so I know in what I spend the most and also what I should change to improve my finances.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

The ratio between price and lifespan.

I know that I’ve learned all of this by living alone. So all my expenses are for just one person although time by time I have guests.

Still, the principle is the same. You only have to divide or multiply depending on the number of members of your family.

Especially for this advice. Keep the ratio of the lifespan of a product and how much it costs.

In my case, I have noticed that although avocado costs me $2 dollars, I can make an avocado butter (like guacamole) which is cheaper than other kinds of butter that are more expensive than $3 dollars and just for the day. Also, a regular butter is only 1/4 of a whole avocado butter so I can actually save almost $4 dollars every day.

Another thing could be whole grain bread, like the 7-grain bread which have a long lifespan, is nutritive and cheaper on the long run. Because the other bread has a day lifespan, are toxic and aren’t that good anyway.

You could think that those are only coins you can save, but when you talk about food the great riches, are gained or lost on the simple coins.

Besides, while you start making savings for each one of the foods you consume you’ll notice that it’s a lot.

For what I have seen in a lot of families, one of the most profitable foods for big families is watermelon. Only 1/8 of the watermelon can be enough to fill one person and it only cost 50 cents of a dollar.

Now is your turn to take time and start analyzing.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Where you buy is very important.

We all know places that are very expensive and others that are more reasonable. So it’s not shocking that the place matters. In the big supermarket’s chains, they usually alter the foods like fruits to look more attractive.

Since I started to eat the food of my local market, I cannot stand the taste of fruits in supermarkets besides those look very artificial.

The ideal thing is to search for a local market that has direct suppliers. First, because the food will be more natural and fresh and second because it will be cheaper if there are fewer intermediaries.

In my local market, the prices are very economic so there are usually people coming from far away to buy their weekly food. It’s the same every day even holidays.

Another benefit of this is that you’ll be able to avoid imported foods which are expensive but also with lesser nutrients. Because the company has to reduce the cycle of each food to be able to export it without spoiling the food.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Avoid laziness.

Most people prefer to eat at a restaurant. It’s very obvious that it will be more expensive even if you order Chinese rice that usually is cheaper.

That’s not good also because restaurants try to save money using hydrogenated oil that has a long lifespan but is also the main cause of chronic diseases, and one of them is common cancer.

I say “avoid laziness” because it usually is the main reason why people don’t like to cook. And I have to be clear with this:

One principle of finances and nutrition is to cook.

It’s not like a unique or especial ability. As everything in life, it requires your will and practice.

Some people will say that they don’t have time. But to them, I will say something that maybe they won’t like but is true: Learn to manage your own time.

Most people say that they don’t have time, and it’s true because they lose it watching tv, going to parties, talking with everyone, etc.

Meanwhile, those that use their time properly usually say something like “I’m busy now but let me see my schedule,.. ooh I could do it the next Thursday,..” If they only say that they’re busy is because they know you’re wasting their time. To be honest that’s what I do.

Now something very important for cooking:

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Set priorities.

If your income is not enough, that means that is more lucrative to cook at home. I’m telling you with only $20 dollars I cook every day for a week.

When I started cooking I was mad because I wanted to work. Especially because it took me several hours cooking and I ended with back pain. But it’s something to expect if you are not used to it.

Now the most important thing for me is to cook. If I have too much work I prefer to cook meanwhile having breakfast. Or I buy enough fruits which are easier to prepare.

In any case, nutrition is more important than work and studies, especially if you have a family. It was a principle that my parents had and they always gave us great meals every day since I have memory. Because of them, it was easier for me to make this change of priorities.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Fast is the best.

I have been working a lot with something called neurogenesis and epigenetics. Is about improving the production of neurons for optimal cognitive function and cell regeneration.

One way of achieving that is through eventual fasting. I usually fast at least once per week, but only until midday. That is when I wake up until midday I only drink water. After that, I continue my day a usual.

As you can imagine by fasting you are also saving.

A lot of people have the awful concept that we should always eat for our health. Especially mothers who get worried about their child and even give their child fast food so they can have something to eat.

They don’t understand that is ten times better to don’t eat than to eat something that will harm you.

And if you also drink water that is ideal. Let’s see how great water is:

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Water is free.

Water is ideal for your finances since it’s mainly ”free”, but it’s also great for your body since our bodies are 55-60% water. It helps us to regulate our metabolism which means that everything will be working properly.

It’s so good and it cost nothing. Now you can understand how stupid is to buy sodas or any other processed drink.

Even I don’t make juices. If you want to make juice of any fruit you can do it but don’t add any sugar. It’s better if you use fruits that are sweet or if you prefer natural honey. Otherwise, the sugar will destroy any benefit that the juice could have.

If you’re wondering what I drink besides water. I usually make infusions of herbs after any cooked meal. That is, I take a natural and fresh herb like chamomile, peppermint, anise and others, then I add the herb into boiling water. After that, I drink that hot infusion without any sugar. In this way, the infusion will help me with the digestion and other phytonutrients that it may have. Also, it’s very cheap and I love the taste.

If you decide to buy fresh herbs, I recommend you to put them into a container with a little bit of water so they stay fresh for the week. I usually buy three herbs for a week with only $1 dollar.

Note: I know that we all pay for water, but if we are already paying for water it will be smart to use it instead of other drink. Besides that, there are some countries where they have places where you can drink clean water for free.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Sprout the grains.

A lot of people say that the grains are cheaper so that’s why they consume it. The problem is that they cook them in the worst way possible.

You should sprout the grains first, there are videos on youtube about it. In this way, the grains will get bigger with more nutrients, more crunchy, and more useful.

I have never tried it before, but recently I did and I made whole rice with spinach and sprouted lentils. The taste of the lentils alone is a little shocking but after steaming the lentils with the spinach and adding lemon juice, it tastes better. I mix it with the whole rice and it was the best-tasting rice.

If you wanna know how I cook all of that you should follow me on [Instagram] and also check out my stories where I publish the whole process and the final result.

Lenus | Finances and nutrition
Lenus | Finances and nutrition

Supplements and antibiotics.

A lot of money goes into supplements, antibiotics, and doctors, even when the Patient Safety Organization says that the third cause of death in the world is by medical negligence. [Read more about it here]

Most cases of diseases can be treated with a better nutrition. Imagine how much can you save by having a proper diet.

I never needed to go to a doctor unless is a blood test that an institution asked for.

I don’t have a medical insurance and I don’t want either. Actually, with my profession, I don’t need it. In your case, you can have an insurance but the idea with a healthy lifestyle is to avoid using it. At least the insurance companies should love us for that.

The reason why supplements are a waste of money is because those make our health more complicated. Doctors make us check our nutritional levels and if we don’t have some nutrients they will give us supplements. The problem with that is that those exams that measure our levels are like taking a photo of a formula 1 car on a current race.

Sure, at that moment of your life you could have a deficiency but with a proper diet, your body will be able to auto-regulate that deficiency very fast. So fast that when you take that supplement, your body won’t need it and your body will expel it. That is how you lose your money.

But is not just that. Supplements are only one component that hasn’t been theoretically proved as safe for our health. Let me highlight one component because our body needs other nutrients to be able to absorb some nutrients like vitamins. That’s why nature is so perfect because natural foods have several nutrients in harmony that boost our health.

To sum up, if you consume supplements is very probable that your body will reject it so you will be throwing your money into the trash.

Now, antibiotics. Once you start to consume them (like a drug) you will consume them for life, at least that’s the common case of many people. Think about it. What about your parents, uncles, or any person over 30.

Let me tell you that mi father has 74 years and he never had to consume antibiotics or any other drug. Only with its diet, he maintains his health and he keeps traveling without any problem.

Because of that, I will always keep supporting natural alternatives to modern medicine.


I’m afraid that I don’t have more recommendations about finances and nutrition, or at least not that I remember now.

So, let me give you a final advice: Every day try something different and don’t get upset. I know it’s terrible when you are hungry and the meal you cooked taste awful. The right reaction to that is to push yourself so you can improve.

It’s about trying and analyzing.


Also, I know that a lot of people will keep living their lives spending a lot of money on things that harm them. But I don’t write for them. I write for you because I know you have something that nobody can buy and that’s the spirit of progress.

So, don’t forget to Stay Healthy!
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