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Eating without distractions

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Here are the benefits of eating without distractions and also how can you start. Because when your mind focuses on something, your whole body does too.

I’m afraid that I’m not an expert in this field. Actually, I was one of those people that get mad when you suggest him to stop using the smartphone while eating.

As it’s usual with us, I justify myself by saying that I needed to be more productive and so I needed to have lunch while working. Although, I knew it was a lie since I ended more tired and with less work done.

That’s why this is one of my top habits list that I have to improve.

Recently I take away my office and every electronic device out of my room so I could sleep quietly. And it worked. Now, I sleep much better so I can get up early, get more work done during the day, and even enjoying time watching series or movies.

Now, when we talk about eating, I know this little change will make us very productive and also helps us to enjoy our food.


Eating without distractions

First, I will talk about the benefits. At least those I’ve in mind because I know that I’ll find more as I practice it more.

Benefits of eating without distractions

  • Reduce inflammation. Since you reduce digestion problems.
  • Reduce stress hormones.
  • Boost happiness. On each bite, eating will be a delight.
  • Reduce belly fat. A consequence of digestion improvements.
  • Better sleep. Especially on the last meal of the day.
  • Boost appetite. If you eat little, then you’ll crave more. If you eat too much, then you’ll feel more satisfied. In other words, it will regulate your appetite to eat just what you need.
  • Reduce bloating and stomach/gut pain.
  • Finally, as I mentioned before, your digestion will improve and that’s the main reason for all the benefits above.


Now, we’re on that part of the article where we understand the importance of eating without distractions but we still don’t know how to start or if we’re doing it right.

That’s why I’ll give you 3 simple steps.

Steps for eating without distractions

1. Calm down

Calm down | Eating without distractions
Calm down | Eating without distractions

People with anxiety tend to eat fast which is an irony since: the best way to reduce anxiety is through eating slowly.

Is the same as those with high blood pressure, you need to breathe deeply so you can normalize your blood pressure.

There we see why meditation has such a great reputation even thou it’s as simple as breathing deeply and focusing your mind on just one thing.

Furthermore, there’s a nutrition called “mindfulness nutrition” which is what I sharing with you now. That is, focus on eating when eating.

2. Small bites

Small bites | Eating without distractions
Small bites | Eating without distractions

This is a better way for you to eat with calm which can be very useful.

For example, most people consume peanuts, almonds and other nuts. They tend to eat a lot of them because they take a handful of nuts each time and that’s a problem. It can cause bloating and other digestive problems.

It is important to eat nuts in small portions without hurrying up. In this way, it will be easier to digest.

3. Stay away from distractions

Stay away from distractions | Eating without distractions
Stay away from distractions | Eating without distractions

Most common distractions:

1. Smartphone.
2. TV.
3. Computer.
4. Tablets.
5. Books.

Those are just a few.

You’ve to know that I’m not saying that reading is bad. It’s just that each thing has its place and its moment.


Well, that’s all I wanted to share with you. Before you forget what you have learned, I recommend you to go and take some food (ideally a fruit), sit down and eat it with your eyes closed so you can enjoy it.

After that, let me know your experience because I’m sure you will enjoy your food much more.

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