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From a long time ago, in several articles, I have been talking about the benefits of having a journal so I decided to make a format for you so you can start doing it.

In the last 3 months I have been recording my day by day and until the 2nd month, I started to do it as a daily habit. Now I can tell you the benefits of having this simple but useful habit.

Benefits of having a journal

1. Records

The first thing is having a record of the most important experiences in your life. This will help you to analyze all your week and see your own mistakes. In my case I have a record of all the food I eat during the day, also the timing of those meals, of my sleep, of my fitness, and even my treatments. All this had been useful to understand what is harming me and how I can fix it.

In other words, it is useful to take control of your own life.

So the first benefit of a journal is to improve your life in all of its areas.


2. Lecture

By having records of what you read, you are able to remember the most important aspects of what you have read. This will help you to highlight the most important parts of the lectures and also will motivate you to keep reading every day.

It’s thanks to this that I’m able to finish my third book of this month. This is really useful.

3. Learn

By recording all you have learned you can assure that your day was productive since you obtain something positive from it.

There’s always something to learn, just take your time and analyze all your day.

4. Superation

By recording your success in your journal you will be more motivated to keep adding more goals to achieve.

This is great to stay motivated. If you haven’t accomplished any goal, then I invite you to create more effective goals that you can do.

5. Mistakes

It’s important to acknowledge your mistakes but also to analyze what you did wrong. In this way, you can be more effective and also obtain new perspectives to solve problems.

Doing exercise is one of the most difficult habits to obtain. So every time you fail to workout you have to analyze why. With that, you can create better solutions so you can exercise as you wish.

Don’t stay in the same place unmotivated. To be mentally strong you have to learn from your mistakes and get over them.

6. Gratitude

Self-pity produces a lack of gratitude. So to avoid the prison of self-pity you should write a daily list of the things you’re grateful for.

But is not just that. A grateful attitude can improve your emotions, encourage you and even improve your whole attitude.


I can keep writing about all the benefits but instead, I prefer that you see it with your own eyes. For that, I wrote a PDF where I explain each section that you should fill every day and also a format that you can print.

You can also follow this structure with any other application. For example, I use Day One to write my own journal but I follow the same structure.

To get this PDF you only have to fill your email in this MailChimp list. As soon as you confirm your email, you’ll receive your PDF to download it.


If you already are part of my list, then you should check your inbox because I sent the file yesterday.

Don’t forget to Stay Healthy!

Soy el presidente de Lenus y mi enfoque está en vivir una vida digna de vivirla por medio de tres pilares que son (1) Fortaleza Espiritual, (2) Desarrollo Empresarial y (3) Medicina Natural.

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