Natural Medicine

This is all you need to know about Natural Medicine in order to take control of your own health and your own life.

Illegal and legal drugs

Which do you think produces the greatest amount of damage and death? Illegal and legal drugs? We are going to…


How to start eating healthy and clean?

You know you want to improve the quality of your life but now you wonder how to start eating healthy…


Brown rice or white rice

The question many ask themselves when buying groceries is if they should buy brown rice or white rice, so I…


Beer and cancer

We already knew the relationship between beer and cancer but we thought it was something that only applied to heavy…



In this book, we'll learn a lot about our gut and even more about our whole digestive system and how…


The Daniel Plan

I liked the book “The purpose driven life” from the same author and now the Daniel Plan had several things worth…


Brain Maker

I also read the research related to this book so I could give you a more advance review of the…


Grain brain

I have read the first book of David Perlmutter called Grain Brain and also the research on which it is based so…


Washing blood

Washing Blood is a treatment from thermal medicine that is focused on purifying and nourishing the blood to improve our health.…


Cold water friction

The cold water friction is a great thermal medicine treatment and is the best way to start the day with…