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If you are scared or if you think that the risk is too high then it’s because you need to take control of the situation you are living.

Feeling fear is something completely normal and feeling stuck due to the risks is also normal. The thing is that the problem is not the fear and neither the risk even though you may think otherwise.

On this occasion, we are going to study the real problem as we also found the solution. We are also focusing mainly on business development which means that we will be thinking more about business creation, management, and scalability. Obviously, our own character development will not only be useful for our entrepreneurial life because it’s also very useful for our life itself. That’s how we will improve several areas of our own life.

If you believed that life consisted mainly about businesses or that your success consisted of entrepreneurial success then you are way off. I know that a lot of people will say that they already know this but we tend to ignore what we already know.

That’s something that happens to me because I love what I do. I found joy, satisfaction, interest, and growth, just through my business. Even though that’s not the only source for those great things I tend to ignore the rest because most of my time I expend it through my business. I know that it happens to you too. It’s normal.

Hence, we need to be reminded about these things that we already know but that we are ignoring or just not doing it. Don’t keep using the phrase “I know” as an excuse to avoid reflection or change.

I hope you can understand why it’s so important to talk about things that you may have heard but maybe you haven’t implemented in your life or maybe you haven’t seen them in a new perspective.

It has happened to me a lot. Sometimes a try new things and those don’t work. After a couple of months later I hear about them again and I get motivated again so I give it another try. Sometimes it works better the second time. In other cases, it takes more than three tries. The point here is that it’s good to hear again what we think we already know.

For the second time, we may have new qualities that we didn’t have before and maybe those qualities are what we needed to be successful with the new habits that we are trying out.

In this case, we are going to talk about responsibilities which I’m sure you have heard before but I’m sure this time you will be more successful than the last time you heard about it.

It’s a matter of responsibility

As soon as you take responsibility for all that you touch, the power is in your hands to make it extraordinary. For me, having that sense of control has been a catalyst for success.

Donald Trump

We may think that we are already responsible but I doubt it very much because being responsible is more ideal than a state. You can have the goal of being responsible but you will never obtain it since being responsible is like being perfect and that’s not something we can achieve as humans.

When we talk about being responsible we tend to think that it’s about fulfilling our duties but it goes way beyond that. For example, when we talk about being entrepreneurs and all of that, our responsibility goes beyond our duties as a business person.

Donald is talking about taking responsibility for all that we touch which is not only about taking responsibility for ourselves but also for everything that surrounds us. As you go higher in life, that responsibility will also increase.

A father has a greater responsibility than his son because the father has to respond also for his child. It goes the same for a business owner because the owner has a greater responsibility than the employees.

I have always said that I wouldn’t like to be the president of any country because it’s a responsibility too huge that I wouldn’t like to have. The president has to respond to every single citizen. That’s a huge responsibility. What makes it harder is that the president should be at the service of the people even though the people are always unsatisfied with the president’s performance. There are always groups of people who will be mad if the president does something or if the president doesn’t do something. It’s a nightmare to serve such a hard-pleasing client. Obviously, it’s impossible for a president to satisfy everyone and yet the citizens demand more and more. I think that it’s a heavy load of responsibilities that doesn’t justify the reward. At least that’s why I will never even consider getting into politics.

What I do find interesting is to take responsibility for my own business because I don’t have to serve millions of people in a blink of an eye. I can do it at my own pace as the company growths. It means that the responsibility will grow step by step which is much easier to endure.

For that same reason, I consider that by being a business owner I will be more capable of achieving more than a politician.

A progressive growth is more sustainable than spontaneous growth. Especially because the progressive growth allows us to develop our character as it is needed to manage all the growth.


Being irresponsible is a form of negligence because it’s in your hands to be responsible and yet you choose not to be. A lot of people prefer to choose laziness.

Being lazy is so pathetic. There will come the time to die and we will no longer have the opportunity to do the things that were needed in our lifetime. Laziness is an unacceptable word for our mindset as Elites or as high-performance people. It’s completely unacceptable to be lazy.

When I think about the time I’ve lost just by being lazy, I get really mad with myself because now that I need time to do the things I love, I no longer have it. There’s no possible way for us to recover our time and laziness only makes us lose it.

Every time you say yes to something that doesn’t matter you are also saying no to something that really matters.

An irresponsible attitude is to have the victim attitude because the people who choose to act like victims become just as a passenger in their own ship. They choose not to be the captain of their ship. That’s very similar to the phrase “if you don’t work for your own dreams you’ll end working for the dreams of someone else.”

A lot of people choose to be passengers because they don’t want to carry the responsibility of steering their own life. The absence of responsibility seems like something comfortable and easy for a lot of people.

There’s an area where I can see this a lot and it’s not business related. I’m talking about our health. I see people who don’t what to be responsible for their own health so they give the responsibility to their doctors but the problem is that doctors don’t have any kind of power or control over their patients’ bodies. So it’s stupid to give up the responsibility of your own health since only you have power over your own body. Only you decide what habits you’ll develop or what decisions you’ll make. Your health is your responsibility and yours alone.

I hope it’s clear why taking responsibility is so important for your business and also for your whole life.

I’m not saying that you should start by being responsible for a 500-employee business because that’s a lot to ask. I’m just asking you to be responsible for your own life. At least, that’s how we all should start taking responsibility. By taking responsibility for our own life I mean to take responsibility for the way we react, for our emotions, for our thoughts, and for our actions. That alone will avoid you a lot of problems and will also make you happier.

Responsible for what I feel

Taking responsibility for our emotions is a big part of our emotional intelligence and that’s what we’ll be reinforcing step by step.

I’ve already talked about fear so now I’m going to talk about our capacity to process offenses.

Someone without emotional intelligence can react with anger or react by being in a defensive position. Others are more introverts and may react by being depressed or by getting sad. In any case, there’s a lack of emotional maturity.

It’s not something that we like to admit but only we decide how we’re going to feel. There’s no such a thing like “he makes me mad” or “she drives me crazy”. People, who blame others for the way they feel, have chosen a mediocre life. I say mediocre life because they choose to live by getting mad, getting depressed and getting frustrated with others.

The first thing you have to do is to recognize that only you are responsible for how you feel and how you react to what happens around you.

Whenever you notice that you are blaming others you should take back the control and do whatever is in your power to change that state. I know it’s not something easy to do but it’s something we must learn to do. In this way, we could live a more peaceful life and also a happier life because the external influences will not overcome us.

In the matter of getting offended, you don’t have to give that much power to other people. I mean, you shouldn’t give other people the power of changing your emotional state. You need to learn how to respond to the bad comments and to the bad intentions that other people might have against you.

You need to be smarter than them and you shouldn’t react based on emotions. You should react based on a calm rational perspective. Think about what’s best for you and the best for the people around you.

Of course, this is not something easy but it’s possible. The secret is to develop the habit of maintaining a calm state in whatever scenario.

If you excepted something easy to do then you are in the wrong place.

If you are the type of person who has a loose mouth then you should learn how to keep your mouth shut. Learn that because there’s no reason to speak for the sake of speaking.

Responsible for what I think

Our actions are the consequence of our thoughts and that’s why we need to consider our thoughts as the main factor for change in our lives.

A lot of people believe that their own mind has autonomy and that’s their excuse for not controlling their thoughts but the truth is that they lack self-control.

Having self-control requires determination, persistence and a lot of energy. Hence, we cannot afford to lose our energy on every little stupid habit.

One of the things that make us lose energy is laziness because we tend to think that we are resting when in reality we are just losing energy in a stupid way. It may sound weird but hear me out.

There’s only one way you can rest and it’s by sleeping even if it’s just for short period of time. In my case, when I feel tired during the day what I do is to take a break of 15 minutes or so to breathe deeply and to relax until I get to sleep for those 15 minutes. When I wake up I feel much better and also I get more energy to keep working until it’s time to sleep at night. At night it’s the best time to rest and recover your energy so you should consider it as a sacred time.

Most people believe that resting is changing activities and that’s not true. You can change activities to avoid being stuck doing the same thing for a long time but it definitely is not resting. In any other activity, you consume energy.

Having this in mind, you shouldn’t consider traveling, walking, doing exercise, watching movies, reading, playing video games, and other activities, as resting actives. All those activities consume your energy and should be considered only as a distraction but not as a recovery activity.

I’m telling you this because I know that a lot of people think they are resting while doing those activities but that’s just a lie. When they come back to their work, they have less energy than before.

The simple fact of thinking is energy consuming. Therefore, it’s obvious that any other activity will drown your energy even if you do nothing.

Besides taking short naps you can also meditate although it’s not something easy for most people. I usually meditate and take a short nap every day at midday because I tend to work nonstop.

If you don’t have enough energy then you will not have self-control over your thoughts.

Think about the things that are taking away your energy. Start by those activities that you thought were resting breaks but in reality, they were a waste of time and energy.

Replace those activities that provide no value and reduce the activities you like. Actually, just keep the activities that you really are passionate about even if those are not related to your main vision or business. Those activities will help you whenever you feel stressed or stuck in your work.

I trust that this will be helpful enough to start being responsible for your thoughts. The next thing you have to do is to change your mindset and there are a lot of books like this one or like the Midas Touch which will help you to see new perspectives that will expand your mindset. You can also learn a lot through great mentors even if you don’t have the opportunity to know them closely.

At the same time that your mindset starts changing, your thoughts will also change. That’s what has worked best for me because I was able to learn from a lot of people who are living a life that I didn’t think possible for myself. Just that can expand your whole perception of the world and the perception of what you can accomplish.

Responsible for what I do

I like to think of myself as someone who’s responsible for his own actions but that’s definitely not true because there are a lot of things that I could have done and yet I chose not to do it.

Partially some of the reasons were fear and ideas that I inherit or that I developed for myself. Those are like chains that keep me away from achieving my best potential and I know that’s what keeps me restricted. The thing is that those are spiritual and psychological chains that we tend to create for ourselves.

I can’t be completely diligent when I know that there are a few things that I should do but choose not to do it.

That’s one of my own internal battles and it has been difficult to confront it. Graciously, life always provides us with the situations that we need to confront those areas and overcome those weaknesses.

Being responsible for our actions is not just to respond for what we do but also for what we don’t do.

For me, it’s more painful to don’t do something than to fail at doing it. That’s why I will always recommend you to try it everything you get in your hands. Just don’t forget your ethics and keep it legal.

As I’m writing this I have started doing business with a new company. Through that company, I will be selling several metallic prints with my own illustrations and designs. It’s an international company which is great for reach. It’s something like my 5th merchandise company that I’m working with and yet I’m not sure how things will go but I do know that I prefer to give it a try with all I have. The experience by itself is very fulfilling and I’m enjoying it.

Being responsible also means that we have to accept the consequences of our decisions and we need to learn how to confront them. If I make a mistake, it’s my responsibility to pay for it.

Up to this point we have talked about the extent of what means to be responsible and now it’s time to prove that you have understood all of this because now you are responsible of the information that I’ve provided. It means that it’s your responsibility to do something with the knowledge that I’ve shared with you and also it’s your responsibility to adapt this knowledge to your own life.

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