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Definitely, there are several reasons for a social revolution but four main causes are economic justice, politic representation, global justice, and rights.

I call them categories because there are much more causes related. Although, in this chapter, we are going to focus only on unemployment.

Robert explains it with a simple phrase that’s on the book [Midas Touch] and he talks about the problem which is cyclic and chronic.

Chronic unemployment causes social unrest which can lead to revolution.

Robert Kiyosaki

The reason why Robert is talking about this has nothing to do with blaming the government because that is a poor mentality since it crops your mindset potential.

As entrepreneurs or business people, we know that the only variable that matters are ourselves because only we can change our own situation.

It’s necessary to leave behind the victim mindset and to adopt a leadership mindset.

That mindset implies a lack of entitlement and more accountability. Entitlement doesn’t make sense when you realize that life doesn’t owe you anything. You could work for hours, days, months and years, and yet not be entitled to anything. That’s the real world and we need to confront it this way.

We could work for 50 years with our best efforts and yet we would not be entitled to receive a reward. I’m telling you this because any benefit or retribution in life should be considered as a gift that you should be grateful for. Gratitude is the right perspective you should have about life.

Instead of demanding you should be grateful because gratitude let you be happy in the process of achieving greater things.

Now, getting back to the original quote, the problem that Robert mentions is about chronic unemployment which most people think that it’s the government’s responsibility (and it is partially) but the main responsibility lays in the business owners.

This is the part that I liked the most on which any person has the potential to create jobs.

There are a lot of examples where people who couldn’t find a job decided to create their own by building their own business. Through time they got successful and provided many job opportunities.

The most beautiful thing about those stories are the people who decided to take the bull by its horns instead of complaining without making any effort to change it.

A lot of people could say that it’s due to ignorance which is only partially true because there are other reasons like the tradition of poverty that is passed on through generations, the lack of passion in life, the lack of personal growth, and so on.

I was able to change my mindset when I started reading the books of Robert Kiyosaki so I believe strongly that a book has the potential to change the whole course of your life. Those books opened a whole world for me to discover since then I have found other great leaders and inspiring people that helped me to constantly improve.

When these empowering people start to appear in our society is when the companies will start to raise.

Sure, the government should promote business development with better programs that benefit the new business owners but that’s not something we can control so we’re going to focus on giving the best of us to make it possible.

After a couple of years, we hopefully will be able to see bigger generations of entrepreneurs that can influence a economic stability in the country.

Be sure that this is not the absolute solution but it is one with great benefits and it produces opportunities for the whole nation and for its people.

Some other variables that we will also encounter are social responsibility and environmental responsibility. Each company should have a policy for those topics but that’s something we will talk about in other instance.

The main idea with Robert’s quote is to understand that the present and future are on our hands. There will always be something we can do and we need to be brave so we can become successful business owners.

Remember to develop the mindset of an Elite and stop complaining. Do something useful to change the circumstances.

This is what Robert and Donald call the strength of character which is one of the five aspects of the [Midas Touch].

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