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Keep your job and if you want to create your own business then you should create it in parallel until it has grown enough.

I’m afraid that I didn’t know this. Now I wish I did because it would have saved me from a lot of pain. Although, the truth is that even if somebody had told me this, I wouldn’t have listened.

I hope you are not like that and that you can use this message or that at least you can save some time.

Let’s start with Robert’s phrase about this topic and then I will tell you what I have learned through my other mentors and through my own experience.

A smart job

That is why it is best to keep your daytime job and build your business in your spare time. You may think otherwise, but you just might be working for free for a long time.

18p (Robert Kiyosaki)

As I started saying. You should keep your job and you should find a way to create your business with the time you have left.

When your business starts to get traction is when you can spend more time on it but don’t think that it will happen soon. It takes time.

I have been working in Lenus (my brand) for 5 years and counting. I got other jobs but those weren’t the best because I didn’t choose them with a purpose in mind. Most of them were badly paid and some others took most of my time. The worst thing is that none of them had a vision I could follow.

It’s not the same to work on a local business than to work with a global business like Amazon, Apple or Google. Working with such brands is an honor, it provides with great recognition in the employment market and those brands can be very exciting even if you want to develop your own brand.

Furthermore, I’m sure you know about those many cases where former employees create their own business and that’s because those great brands promote that ecosystem for you to develop your own thing.

Even though I did choose my jobs correctly they served a great purpose in my life because I was able to learn several things that otherwise I wouldn’t believe that I was able. For example, I learned to contact with some distribution companies, I learned how to treat costumers, I learned to lead, and so many other things.

After that, I decided to only focus on Lenus and it was the most difficult thing for me because now I needed to be very diligent. I mean, I needed to be very strict with my time and to delete those habits that were consuming my time without being useful at all. Those habits were sabotaging my vision.

As Gary Vaynerchuk says, you can’t expect that a mediocre work drives you to success. What we tend to ignore is that when we develop our business the only responsible person for any mistake or error, it’s ourselves.

The greatest business people started their businesses without resting one day without losing time in meetings or parties, they worked even if they were sick or if it was their birthday, they worked all day long. That’s what a true entrepreneur is.

That’s what Gary called eating shit and he says that it’s a fundamental characteristic of an entrepreneur. Also, Dan Lok says that it’s the price you pay to do what you love because if you don’t pay that price of sacrifice then you are not worthy of your passion.

It’s a common error to think that as an entrepreneur you will be free to do what you want. That’s just an illusion and fairy tail. You don’t do what you want, you do what your company needs. That’s why you need to expand your comfort zone by doing uncomfortable things.

Dan Peña says that there are two levels of discomfort and that you should force yourself into both. The first one is basic discomfort which is the most common and it’s usually more easy to overcome. I’m sure you can think about something that is uncomfortable but that you sometimes do anyway. Could be some phone calls, some business meetings, recording voice messages or even recording videos about yourself. The second one is more extreme where you may start feeling anxious because it really scares you. An example of a lot of people is public speaking or the risk of rejection in any other form.

A high-performance person (as Dan Peña call them) or Elite (as I call them) need to force themselves into these uncomfortable situations because discomfort will make them stronger than the rest.

It’s impossible to don’t fear many of these things but as you will learn through your life, fear can’t be erased, it can only be managed.

A common discomfort is selling so that’s why you need to force yourself into a selling experience. Actually, every single multimillionaire recommends that selling is a must-do activity for wealth. You have to do it even if you don’t like it.

Now, since we’re talking about what we like, we’ve been told that we should follow our passion but that’s terrible advice. I felt into that advice and that’s why I have been working for free up to 5 years now. My personal financial balance is in red and I’m not even in debt but Lenus as a company is not sustaining me even though it sustains itself.

I understood this after listening to Dan Lok when he says that you need to pay a price first before you are able to follow your passion.

Following your passion is completely stupid when you don’t even have money to buy food. First, you should be able to cover your needs and that’s a basic principle that you learn in the oriental culture. Therefore, they understand discipline and resistance.

What we should do is to choose a job that aligns with our vision, that is, that help us to have financial support meanwhile it provides you with enough free time that you can use to work on your own thing. It should be a job in an industry you are interested in or a job that can help you improve your abilities.

If you choose to avoid having a job then your priority should be to find a way to get income to cover your needs. It could be working as a freelancer or doing some tasks. There are a lot of legal opportunities to get income, find one and be the best in that. The idea with this is that you can organize your time so you can keep working on your business in your spare time. If you really are an Elite, I’m sure you will find a way.

There are even some jobs you can do at home which also gives you the flexibility to work in your business at the same time. The best thing about that is that you would be spending your time at the fullest. That’s what I do. I work as soon as I open my eyes and I don’t stop until my body tells me it’s enough.

Don’t even think that I don’t rest, because I am a control freak and I organize everything in my day so I can be productive. One of those things is my resting and exercising time which I do intervals because I have found that in this way I endure more.

A lot of companies and brands took years to be as we know them today. Even more, than you imagine. As Dan Peña and Dan Lok say, the companies are not successful just with 3 years of hustle. It usually takes longer than 8 or 10 years. That’s something you see in the oriental culture where success is not related to money but time.

I know I’m getting off the main topic so let’s get back and here’s where you have to take a decision. You should choose between working for free for a long period of time or working in a job meanwhile you develop your business in your spare time. Choose one because it’s not possible to build a successful brand in a day.

The most likely event is that you already have a job and you would have to develop your business aside. Although, if your job is very time-demanding then you should start by searching for another job that has more time flexibility.

Believe me, if I tell you that finding those jobs aren’t easy because those are highly requested and there will be a lot of competition. Although, if you are an Elite, you will not be intimidated by that. Actually, you will be motivated. That’s the spirit of an Elite.

I’m afraid that a chapter or even a book is not enough to give specific advice to every one of you but I’m going to trust your capacity to use what I have told you in a way that it makes sense in your situation and that you will be creative enough to find the right solution.

I don’t know your situation and I don’t know the other variables you are experiencing but I do know that the only thing that doesn’t have any solution is death itself. Therefore, there’s always something you can do even if it’s impossible. Actually, everything is impossible until somebody does it.

I want to finish the idea by saying that at this moment right now, while I’m writing this, I’m experiencing this same dilemma where I’m choosing between getting a job or being more drastic with Lenus. Actually, I already found a great job which has excellent flexibility and also allows me to get deeper into an industry that I’m interested in which is healthcare. There I will learn a lot of medical terms and learn how the healthcare system work. I will be working with doctors and connecting with patients from other countries. I will also be practicing my language and other skills. So it’s the best job I could find for me.

The problem is that even though I passed every test and interview, I’m still waiting for the confirmation call to sign the contract. It’s a lot of suspense because I don’t like to wait so I just imagining that I don’t get and so I work on a second plan where I can get enough income to invest into a daily marketing plan for Lenus which I didn’t have. At least, not as a daily budget which is my goal one way or the other. This marketing strategy will help me improve my sales so I can eventually focus only on Lenus.

This article that you are reading is part of a book that I’m also writing as one of the products that I will be selling to improve my income so I can start working only for my passion and businesses. Until then I will keep overcoming all this shit, I will keep being resourceful and improving my own life.

That’s my plan. That’s what I’m working on from the moment I open my eyes until the time I go to sleep. I’m not losing time and I’m not getting distracted (as possible).

Only time will say if I was successful in my mission.

Hope this message has been useful for you. At least it was for me because it helps me remember why I’m doing all of this. Every obstacle it’s easy to overcome when there’s a purpose behind it. In my case, I have a clear goal. What’s yours?

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