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It took me a while but here’s finally my review of the book crushing it! by Gary Vaynerchuk with some of the best quotes in the book.

It took me a while to read because I usually read several books at the time and I wanted to enjoy each chapter. When I say enjoy I also mean that there are several ideas that I wanted to test out on my own and it usually takes time.

The thing is that on the book you will find a lot of testimonies about people who created a huge business out of social media so you will also find some interesting ideas of what they did that you can try too.

Before we get into the book we need to know a little more about Gary Vaynerchuk and why he has the authority to talk about all these things.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Of course, we have to talk about the author first to give the context of the goal that this book has because if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s about the power of social media in the business world.

Gary is a very interesting character. He has a vision and has made the sacrifices needed starting with his comfort. Actually, he has established a new kind of comfort that means discomfort for most people.

He is the weird guy that love struggle and opposition because he loves to show otherwise. He loves the hustle and he believes in a kind leadership and so he wants to create new generations of leadership that do give a fuck about others.

Don’t get shocked by his language because that’s his truth and it’s his way to communicate that truth.

Now, let’s talk about some of the things he has accomplished. Like the fact that this book is already the best selling book on its category. Actually, Gary is a four-time New York Times bestselling author.

He’s also known for his brands VaynerMedia and VaynerX, or for his several investments in Uber, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. He’s also a highly requested consultant for brands like those I mentioned.

In a few words, he knows what he’s talking and he also has the authority to do so.

The best of the book

I usually create a whole series based on each of the best quotes in the book but this time the list is short so I will explain each quote within this post.

I’m using the physical version of the book for the page reference in case you wanna check them out in the original context.

The book is already in Amazon in case you wanna get it. If that’s the case then [click here].

Eat shit

Take my advice: eat shit for as long as you have to. That means be a bigger man or woman than everyone around you. That means the customer is always right. That means yo put your employees ahead of you. That means you don’t take many vacations, maybe for years, and your only time off is to mark important holidays and to be there for your family (or your friends who are like family). Be patient- Be methodical.


Remember what I told you? I mean about Gary taking the sacrifices needed to achieve his goal without forgetting about what’s important for him (like his family).

One of the most popular recommendations you will hear from Gary’s social media or videos is that life is about choices. Most people like to buy expensive stuff that they don’t need meanwhile Gary prefer to use the money to grow more and faster. Those luxury sacrifices are needed if you want to grow faster.

A lot of people love to travel so they want to have a company to do so. That plan is completely perfect if that is your goal and priority but if like Gary you want to establish a global brand that is your legacy then you will have to reduce those trips and vacations.

You will have to develop patience which is something really hard for most of us because we always expect instant gratification. Most young people feel the pressure of doing something successful but that’s when Gary says “you could take a whole year to make nothing and yet you will have enough time to achieve what you want”. We need to stop the obsession about time.

You need to be patience in the macro but hustle in the micro.

That means that you don’t need to worry about time, you just need to do the best every single day. Eventually, things will align up.

A successful entrepreneur

A successful entrepreneur is one who puts in enough energy to move the gears and executes well enough so the work isn’t wasted.


This is what differentiate the real entrepreneurs from the fake ones. Sadly, most of us are fake entrepreneurs because we are not willing to put enough energy or do what is needed to execute our vision.

I know that I’m a fake entrepreneur but I’m working to change that and you should too.

It’s not just about knowledge it’s about doing shit happen.

Don’t expect success from mediocrity

Don’t think you can put out mediocre videos and blogs and get anything but mediocre results, just as you can’t think that putting a half-assed effort will get you even halfway to where you want to go.


And here I’m gonna leave another great advice that goes along with this one and that is: “you’re always mediocre enough to need improvement but good enough to publish it”. In this way, I always stay open for better ways of doing what I do meanwhile I keep posting whatever I do.

Some people get paralyzed because they think that they are not good enough but you are always good enough to publish. The important thing is to start and to improve in the way.

The hardest part to assimilate is that the world and life don’t owe you anything. It doesn’t matter how hard you may work, you will never deserve anything good.

I know that it doesn’t sound nice or motivating but when you expect something is when you question your actions even when you love what you do.

Bottom line is that you may be great but you still won’t be successful. Well, surely you will be successful but what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t lose energy and time waiting for it to happen.

That’s the hardest thing for me, because when you don’t get results, then you wonder “what if…” That thinking can kill your peace and can kill your mood. That alone can destroy your chances of being successful.

Stop expecting for success and enjoy the shitty journey.

Keep moving

The main thing is realizing that even if you feel terrible for a while, that’s not how you’re going to feel the whole time… Things change if you just keep moving.

76p | Rich Roll quote

This is exactly what I was saying. You have to keep going. As Gary says “what’s the alternative?”

More than once I have decided to stop with all this work but the reality is that I love doing this. For me, there’s no other alternative than keep going forward and eat shit if necessary.

There’s really no alternative than to enjoy the process even if it sucks because guess what? There’s no other way.

Before any goal or dream there’s always a process in between so you have to enjoy it.

Pity the Haters

For real, when the haters come at you, just shake it the fuck off. You know they’re not crushing it because they’ve got time to waste spewing poison at you. You should pity them.


This is so funny because we get so influenced by other people’s opinion when we should feel sorry for them. We are the ones doing shit while the rest is just talking about it.

It’s so sad that people attack through the internet because they are willing to lose time that they will not recover in things that literally will be lost on the internet and nobody will remember. So sad to lose your time in this way. You could expend that time with your loved ones or by doing something your love.

Remember that the next time somebody tries to pull you down with them.

Fear of wasting time

It bears mentioning that a fear of wasting time has also caused many more established entrepreneurs to miss important opportunities.


Being obsessed with your time can harm you too. Sometimes this happens to me when I focused on taking the most of my time which isn’t something bad except when it makes you ignore your priorities.

Several valuable things take time and you shouldn’t rush them. Take time to enjoy and appreciate the opportunity, otherwise, you would lose it and would not even notice it’s value.

People are so scared they’ll be wasting time if they try to build a business, even when their time isn’t valuable.


It’s like having a baby (in concept since I don’t have one), you give your time because you love your baby and want your baby to grow the best way possible. Also, you give your time mostly because is the only thing you have to give.

The brutal truth is that you are not the one putting a price in your time, it’s the market who does. If no-one is willing to pay for your time then it means that your time is worthless now. So, don’t be so cocky and don’t be scared of investing your time to build a business.

You look like an ass

everyone looks like an ass when trying something new.


Welcome to the world of weird people that are willing to choose tears, hustle and lots of responsibility for the tag of an idiot.

When you start a new business that’s how most people would look at you. Like an idiot. Mainly because they cannot follow your vision or because they don’t want you to succeed.

Get used to it and keep going. It’s normal. Don’t think that they are bad, they’re just not following your mindset or vision. The reason why you should do it is that you got the vision that most people didn’t. Make it happen.


What I consider the best of the book is the several stories of success that not only motivates but also can give you several ideas of what you can do now to boost your work and performance.

Also, another thing I liked is the last recommendation that Gary makes about audio and how we should be learning how to get into the new audio platforms as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Siri, etc.

Those are gonna keep improving and people with start consuming content by speaking. Audio will come as the first source of information so we all need to adapt to that change.

The way that Gary explains it makes me wanna start studying how to code or work with that technology. It’s also a great opportunity to be found and as Gary says, when the concept gets proven, it’ll be late for you to come in.

We need to start now. Taking advantage that most people aren’t considering it.

In any way, for all those points of views and the great insight into future trending is that I consider that this book deserves 4.2 stars out of 5.

In Amazon, this book has 4.5 stars so most people kind of think the same.

Hope you enjoyed the quotes that I liked the most of the book and also find my review useful. The book is only 223 pages and those are really easy to read so it shouldn’t take you much to read it.

By the way, here’s another great book that I recommend you: [Salud Empresarial].

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See you in the next post.


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