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The business vision or the vision you see projected on your path is not something you can just write on a business plan.

I mean that a vision is your guide so it will be something strongly related to you and you can transfer that vision into a business and you can also influence others into that vision.

It’s not the same thing as reading a vision through a piece of paper like a business plan because only one person can understand that vision and that person is the one who had the vision. It’s not only the vision but also what the vision means. That vision is also something that might change through time.

The vision that I had for Lenus has changed a lot even though the essence is intact. I’m sure that it’s something that will happen to you because it’s pretty common.

For example, it’s interesting how big companies like Samsung started selling fish. That was a huge change in their vision.

Sometimes our vision is limited by our experiences, capacities, mindset, and selfishness. Hence, as we grow in life, our vision will also improve.

Sure, you might keep the essence which tends to be the purpose of what you do but the “how” and the “when” will not be the same. This is the reason why business plans are not useful in the real world even though there are a lot of gurus and business schools recommending it.

There was a small talk between the millionaires from Shark Tank where they were talking about this topic and noticed that they’ve never used a business plan for their own business. Robert says that he doesn’t even make plans for his company any further than 3 months because the circumstances change fast. Actually, that pace of change is faster each year.

Personally, I never liked the idea of making a business plan with a pen and paper. I have made 3 of them for Lenus and it has been a waste of time. It was not useful at all. I did them because it’s something you hear from a lot of people and you start to think that maybe that’s what your business needs but it’s not. The last one was due to an entrepreneurship workshop from my former university (1 year after I dropped out).

I’m one of those persons as Garyvee who likes to try a lot of stuff and that’s why I’m not scared of doing drastic changes in the business’ core vision. I have changed the target market several times, I’ve changed the style and aesthetic of the whole brand, and I have changed the vision. Just by getting to know about Dan Lok and Dan Peña I decided to increase my vision because it was too small.

What I do recommend you to do is to meditate on your vision frequently and dare to change it. Even though I no longer keep a business plan I do keep the growth and statistics data to understand what I should be doing. I love reading numbers and I love trying to understand the meaning of them.

Before we transfer our vision into our own business we need to meditate about the meaning of our vision and what’s the implication.

Own your vision

Part of the Midas Touch is having the vision to see things as they could be, instead of how they are.

Donald Trump

Donald is talking about the definition of vision and that’s exactly why entrepreneurs seem so delusional and under the influence of hallucinogens.

We are talking about people who live their lives based on something that isn’t real and that’s awesome because they are not people who live in the real world. They are people who create the real world.

These people are not the same as the dreamers because dreaming is easy. Everyone has a dream but most people is not willing to pay the price of turning their dream into a reality. Entrepreneurs have accepted to pay the price of creating their own reality.

For a lot of people, this is something poetic and I suppose it is if you are masochistic because being an entrepreneur is not easy at all. I’m telling you this because we always hear about the wonderful world of entrepreneurship and the truth is that it’s painful. Most people forget to talk about the process that every entrepreneur has to go through. I have seen network marketing businesses calling their employees as entrepreneurs and business owners when in reality they have never known what it’s intellectual property because they have none.

Let me be clear. I don’t like the vision of a network marketing business and I tend to hate most of those companies. Sure, it’s true that Robert recommends them but because he considers that those companies have great training programs. I got several of those training programs from different companies and those aren’t worth it. I don’t know what Robert has seen but those are shitty workshops. Actually, I can’t understand how a business person can even think about getting into a network marketing system, it’s an oxymoron.

Anyway, what I was saying is that being an entrepreneur is not like having a walk in a park. It’s more like walking through a cemetery in hell. Well, that’s a little exaggerated but you know what I’m trying to say.

Before you get overwhelmed by the difficulty of an entrepreneurial life you should know that there are lots of entrepreneurs who do it because they know that their vision is worth it. Having a clear vision is what will help you overcome the difficulties. There’s a phrase from the movie Unbroken that I love and is something that Louis Zamperini’s brother told him, that is, “a moment of suffering is worth a lifetime of glory.”

Great people like Tony Robbins, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Jocko Willink, talk about one entrepreneurial characteristic that is very important and it’s about our capacity to delay our reward. There are a lot of people who are not capable of doing this and they feel the need to get some reward for every work they do. That’s not something bad although the thing is that you shouldn’t expect to get further in life when you have that leak in your progress.

Our capacity to delay the reward will define the extent of our success.

Zamperini had to survive for 46 days in the middle of the ocean and then he was saved by the enemy (it was wartime) and became a war prisoner. He had to endure all that shit remembering that a moment of suffering is worth a lifetime of glory. We both can agree that it was more than a moment but indeed the glory was great. He became one of the greatest evangelists next to Billy Graham.

The glory doesn’t justify the pain and is unnatural to desire pain with the purpose of getting the glory. A lot of people criticize this topic because they think that we are promoting the desire of suffering but that only shows how off their mindset is. Shit will come to our door, like it or not. So, what we are promoting is to be prepared for that.

The idea we share is that it’s worthy to keep fighting in the middle of the difficulties because the vision is glorious.

Building a vision

One of vision’s mainstay is faith because it’s not enough to see a reality that doesn’t exist. It’s more important to believe that it can be real and that you can make it real.

We all have faith although some people might deny it as a tantrum against God or religion. As the phrase says, “if you believe you can or if you believe you can’t, you’re right.”

Believing that something doesn’t exist requires the same faith than believing that it does exist. A lot of people think that they’re being logical and rational but that’s just not true even though they love to quote science as their friend.

That’s stupid because we as humans are emotional and not rational. We tend to make decisions based on what we feel and not based on science or logic.

Besides that, science is faith even if you don’t like it. Science is based on postulates and axioms which are arguments that cannot be proved so we all have blindly accepted it as true. Call me crazy but that’s faith. We use that as a scientific base for all science. That’s why sometimes there’s a discovery that changes all of our preconceptions of certain knowledge.

Think about biology, physics, mathematics, economy, sociology, psychology, and any other science you can think about. All of them has a base on faith and are constantly growing through faith.

I hope there will be no doubt that faith is a mainstay in our lives and there’s nothing we can do to change that. Every decision has faith implied. It can be for good or for bad. It depends on how we use that faith.

When someone gives up supposedly for a lack of faith is because that person does have faith but in the wrong thing. That person believes that it’s impossible or that they lack what is needed.

Hence, it’s not a matter of having faith. It’s a matter of putting your faith in the right place. In our case, it’s about putting our faith in our vision.

We all have a vision. It could be a vision about our families, our friendships, our profession, about the things we want to achieve, and especially about our future.

When we talk about the future is not just a far away future but also a nearby future. For example, my vision for today is to finish writing this message in English, workout, study a new language and many other small things.

As you can see, we can have a vision for every single day. We can visualize what we want to do and what we want to achieve. It’s not something out of this world. We do it every day. Although, in this instance, we are talking about business vision.

In the example that I gave you, I talked about what I wanted to do and achieve in one day. It sounds like a plan and it is. This is the reason why a vision should always be accompanied by a plan which is not necessarily written.

Therefore, once you take the time to think about your business vision you will have to think about the business plan. It’s like visualizing a place and then visualizing how to get there. By visualizing all this stuff you will also have a better picture of what you want and how to get it.

Once you start walking on that path you will discover that it’s nothing as you imagine. Hence, you will have to readjust your plan and also your vision.

In the beginning, I had the vision with Lenus as a health consulting provider based on natural medicine where I could share science-based recommendations and non-invasive treatments. After working with hundreds of people I noticed a big problem in common which is not medical related. It’s that most sick people lack the character needed to make the changes in their habits in order to live a better life. Therefore, I was wasting my life telling them what they should do.

That’s how I expanded my vision. I no longer give personal advice and instead, I give open recommendations in a more holistic way. It’s no longer just about natural medicine, now it is also about spiritual strength and business development. These three mainstays shared several principles in common and that’s how we will be able to live a life worth living.

Through time and experience, I decided that this was the right path for Lenus and so now I share all I do to live a life worth living using those three areas. The only personal advice I give now is to myself and then I share my experience.

You may think that I’m leaving out some important aspects of our life like education, family, love, and more. That’s actually not true because those aspects are immersed in the three mainstays.

Believe me, I’ve thought about this for a long time so each time I’ve more certainty about my vision. Although, the vision is not finished since there is always something else to improve.

In any case, what is important is that you should live your vision. It makes no sense to imagine a new reality if you are not willing to achieve it.

That vision will become your purpose in life and your passion. It will fill you up with energy to stay working in the process. Although, I have to make it clear that we do not have only one purpose. We actually have several purposes as we have several visions. You may have a purpose as a friend, father, spouse, leader, and so on. Those are also some purposes in life that you need to consider and you should have a vision for each.

If you are not married then you should have a vision about the marriage you want to have and how to achieve it. The same thing if you don’t have kids. You get the idea.

Sell your vision

When I talk about selling your vision I’m not saying that you should get rid off the vision. I’m saying that you should make other people believe in that vision.

Having a vision that only you believe in can’t get far away. Even if you don’t like it, you need other people’s faith to make it happen.

Some people that will not follow your vision easily will be the ones close to you like your family and friends. They know you with all your defects so it’s harder for them to understand the meaning of your vision.

That seems like something sad but it is not. It’s a great opportunity for you to practice selling your vision. If you are able to sell your vision to your closest ones then the rest will be easier.

The world is so big that you will always find people who will believe in your vision and that will support you. This is also known as small-niche business. Those can be very effective and lucrative if you take advantage of them.

I tend to use those spaces to expand my vision. For example, for the fans of The Lion King, I have made several designs and products that are selling well for just that niche. My last client was someone in Germany which is now open to my vision since I get to him through something familiar that he liked.

A lot of companies do this and now we can do it too through online platforms and systems all around the world. The Internet has opened a lot of doors and opportunities.

I enjoy this a lot because you can be creative in the ways you market your vision and your brand. So, have fun.

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