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Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

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Tools of Titans is a bestseller book by Tim Ferriss where he compiled the best parts of more than 100 interviews with world leaders in different areas.

Here you will the best parts that I’ve found on those +700 pages that have very interesting views about the world that could change our mindset for better.

If you want to get the book it’s available here on Amazon:

Tim Ferriss

This is not the first best-seller book by Tim Ferriss, he’s also the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body, and The 4-Hour Chef. The series of 4-Hour are also best-seller books, although I haven’t read them, I’ve found great reviews about them.

Tim Ferriss is also a great early-stage tech investor/advisor and the founder of The Tim Ferriss Show which is a podcast channel with +200 million downloads.

Tools of Titans

The book is +700 pages and it’s a compilation of the best parts of the interviews that you can also find in his podcast The Tim Ferris Show. Some podcasts are like 2 hours long, so this book is the perfect compilation.

Even though it’s a compilation I wanted to make another compilation of the best parts that I loved about this book. So let’s start because it can be a little bit longer.

How to find the best doctor?

“The length of time they spend with you on your first visit is probably your best indicator of their quality.” – Page 78 | Said by Charles Poliquin –Strength Coach– | Tools of Titans

Charles Poliquin is talking about doctors. He recommends those doctors who take their time to know you.

Squat problems

“If you can’t squat all the way down to the ground with your feet and knees together, then you are missing full hip and ankle range of motion. This is the mechanism causing your hip impingement, plantar fasciitis, torn Achilles, pulled calf, etc.” – Page 124 | Said Kelly Starrett –Performance coach–.

Light affects sleep quality

“Dark means DARK. They’ve done studies where they shine a laser on the back of someone’s knee, and people pick it up. It’s light. You cannot have your phone in your room. You cannot have a TV in your room. It needs to be black, black as night.” – Page 126 | Said Kelly Starrett –Performance coach–.

Find the best place to sleep

“Yes, you’d ideally be able to sleep on the floor and wake up feeling great, but we are not those people anymore due to excess sitting and inactivity.” – Page 126 | Said Kelly Starrett –Performance coach–. | Tools of Titans

We need a great bed to have a good night of sleep. Some people might say that by centuries people didn’t have beds and that’s why Kelly explains how physical inactivity have changed that.

Live your life by example

“Kids don’t do what you say. They do what they see. How you live your life is their example.” – Page 129 | Said Paul Levesque (Triple H) –World champion in WWE–.

Trick to avoid Jet Lag

“When I landed, I would check into the hotel. The second we checked in, I’d ask them: ‘Is the gym open? Can I go train?’ Even if it was to get on a bike and ride for 15 minutes to reset things. I learned early that it seemed any time I did that, I didn’t get jet lag.” – Said Paul Levesque (Triple H) –World champion in WWE–.

Know the difference between a dream and a goal

“Is that a dream, or a goal? Because a dream is something you fantasize about that will probably never happen. A goal is something you set a plan for work toward, and achieve.” – Page 130 | Said Paul Levesque (Triple H) –World champion in WWE–. | Tools of Titans

Your words have too much power

“Anything negative you say could at the very least ruin someone’s day, or worse, break someone’s heart, or simply change someone from being a future ally of yours to someone who will never forget that you were unkind or unfairly critical.” – Page 134 | Said Jane MacGonigal –PhD–.

We use ALL of our brain

“The most complex structure in the entire universe doesn’t have just a vacant parking lot waiting for someone to drive in and start building. It’s all used all the time, and in complex ways that we don’t always understand.” – Page 136 | Said Adam Gazzaley –MD & PhD in Neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York–.

There’s a misconception about how we only use a percentage of our brain but Adam Gazzaley explains that it’s absurd to think so. We use our whole brain all the time.

Learn to deal with frustration

“Dealing with the temporary frustration of not making progress is an integral part of the path towards excellence. In fact, it is essential and something that every single elite athlete has had to learn to deal with. If the pursuit of excellence was easy, everyone would do it. In fact, the impatience in dealing with frustration is the primary reason that most people fail to achieve their goals. Unreasonable expectations time wise, resulting in unnecessary frustration, due to a perceived feeling of failure. Achieving the extraordinary is not a linear process.” – Page 161 | Said Christopher Sommer –former U.S. National Team gymnastics coach–.

“Learn to enjoy and appreciate the process. This is especially important because you are going to spend far more time on the actual journey than with those all too brief moments of triumph at the end. Certainly celebrate the moments of triumph when they occur. More importantly, learn from defeats when they happen. In fact, if you are not encountering defeat on a fairly regular basis, you are not trying hard enough.” – Page 161 | Said Christopher Sommer –former U.S. National Team gymnastics coach–. | Tools of Titans

Be so good that nobody can ignore you

“He says the key to success is, ‘Be so good they can’t ignore you’.” – Page 173 | Said Marc Andreessen –Tech Companies Founder–.

Develop a clear vision of where you want to go

“I am a big believer that if you have a very clear vision of where you want to go, then the rest of it is much easier. Because you always know why you are training 5 hours a day, you always know why you are pushing and going through the pain barrier, and why you have to eat more, and why you have to struggle more, and why you have to be more disciplined.” – Page 177 | Said Arnold Schwarzenegger –No need for titles–.

Busy people are out of control

“‘Busy’ to me, seems to imply ‘out of control.’ Like, ‘Oh my God, I’m so busy. I don’t have any time for this shit!’ To me, that sounds like a person who’s got no control over their life.” – Page 189 | Said Derek Sivers.

“Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions.” – Page 201 | Said Tim Ferriss. | Tools of Titans

Robert Kiyosaki says something very similar in his books of Rich Dad series, but you will find more about that on [my review of his books].

Difference between fools and wealthy people

“If you let your learning lead to knowledge, you become a fool. If you let your learning lead to action, you become wealthy.” – Page 211 | Said Tony Robbins –performance coach–.

The power of being grateful

“I let gratitude fill my soul, because when you’re grateful, we all know there’s no anger. It’s impossible to be angry and grateful simultaneously. When you’re grateful, there is no fear. You can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously.” – Page 214 | Said Tony Robbins –performance coach–.

This is also something I have found and that it’s better explained in the book [Unoffendable by Brant Hansen]. Recommended.

Develop more than one skill

“I always advise young people to become good public speakers (top 25%). Anyone can do it with practice. If you add that talent to any other, suddenly you’re the boss of the people who have only one skill. Or get a degree in business on top of your engineering degree, law degree, medical degree, science degree, or whatever. Suddenly you’re in charge, or maybe you’re starting your own company using your combined knowledge. Capitalism rewards things that are both rare and valuable. You make yourself rare by combining two or more “pretty goods” until no one else has your mix…” – Page 269 | Said Scott Adams. | Tools of Titans

Become a source of growth

“If you spend your time focusing on the things that are wrong, and that’s what you express and project to people you know, you don’t become a source of growth for people, you become a source of destruction for people.” – Page 314 | Said Tracy DiNunzio –Founder and CEO of Tradesy–.

A great leader is first a great follower

“If you want great mentors, you have to become a great mentee. if you want to lead, you have to first learn to follow.” – Page 334 | Said Tim Ferriss.

As this one, Tim Ferriss uses famous quotes without referring the original author but I decided to quote them as his since it’s in his book.

One law of power

“Clear the path for the people above you and you will eventually create a path for yourself.” – Page 336 | Said Ryan Holiday –Author of The 48 Laws of Power–. | Tools of Titans

Don’t let your ideas die on your mind

“Truth is, young creative minds don’t need more ideas, they need to take more responsibility with the ideas they’ve already got.” – Page 360 | Said Scott Belsky –Co-founder of Behance–.

How to say no when it matters the most

“In excess, most things take on the characteristics of their opposite. Thus: Pacifists become militants. Freedom fighters become tyrants. Blessings become curses. Help becomes hindrance. More becomes less.” – Page 388 | Said Tim Ferriss.

I’ve written an article about [the power of no] in case you want to understand more about what Tim Ferriss is talking about.

Lack of sleep is a failure of priorities

“Ours is a culture where we wear our ability to get by on very little sleep as a kind of badge of honor that symbolizes work ethic, or toughness, or some other virtue – but really, it’s a total profound failure of priorities and of self-respect.” – Page 408 | Said Maria Popova. | Tools of Titans

Being prepared

“Better to have, and not need, than to need, and not have.” – Page 413 | Said Jocko Willink –were part of the U.S. Navy and commanded SEAL Team–.

Jocko explains that you should always be prepared knowing that two is one and one is none. So, it’s better to always have more than one.

Naval Ravikant Laws

“Anger is a hot coal that you hold in your hand while waiting to throw it at someone else (Buddhist saying).” – Page 551 | Said Naval Ravikant –Co-founder of AngelList–.

“If you can’t see yourself working with someone for life, don’t work with them for a day.” – Page 551 | Said Naval Ravikant –Co-founder of AngelList–.

“Earn with your mind, not your time.” – Page 551 | Said Naval Ravikant –Co-founder of AngelList–.

Some practical Thoughts on Suicide

“A friend once told me that killing yourself is like taking your pain, multiplying it by 10, and giving it to the ones who love you.” – Page 624 | Said Tim Ferriss. | Tools of Titans

Act without waiting for inspiration

“You have to act first before inspiration will hit. You don’t wait for inspiration and then act, or you’re never going to act, because you’re never going to have the inspiration, not consistently.” – Page 636 | Said Robert Rodriguez –Founder of El Rey Network (a cable network)–.

That’s it. More than 700 pages in what I expect were less than 10 minutes of reading.

Tools of Titans review

I loved the book because it’s well organized and produced. The book was separated into three parts: Health, Wealth, and Wisdom. My favorite part was Wealth because in Health and Wisdom were people that gave weird advice and in most cases useless. Although, there were others interviews that gave life-changing advice as you can see in the phrases I added above.

So, my final review for the book will be: 4.5/5

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