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The Daniel Plan

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I liked the book “The purpose driven life” from the same author and now the Daniel Plan had several things worth to mention. So here’s my review.

Before we start, you can get this book on Amazon:

You should know that I read this book, the Daniel Plan, on my kindle tablet so the pages may not be accurate. But those still work as a reference in case you want to read the book. So let’s start.

Rick Warren

Rick is not the only author but he is a bestseller author and I have read his other books that are mind-changing. He talks about his experience and connect with other doctors on how to improve our health. Rick unifies the Spiritual Health with our Body Health in a very interesting way.

The Daniel Plan Review

Here are the best things I could find on this book.

Dedicate your Body

“Dedicate your body to God. Ask for his help, and get involved in a small group of some kind that will support you on your journey.” – p.3

No magic pill

“Let me be clear: There is no magic pill, no quick fix, no instant formula, and no shortcut that will make you healthy overnight. You must make wise choices every day.” – p.3


“What you do with your body sets the tone for everything else. Physical health influences your mental health, your spiritual health, your emotional health, your relational health, and even your financial health.” – p.3

Secret of Victory

“Whatever you resist, persists. The more you fight a feeling, the more it controls you. The secret of victory over any temptation is simply to change the channel of your mind. Refocus your attention on something else, and the temptation immediately loses its power over you.” – p.7 | The Daniel Plan

Think, Feel and Act

“The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the way you act.” – p.7

Grown on a plant

“Our philosophy is that if it was grown on a plant, eat it. If it was made in a plant, leave it on the shelf.” – p.12

Do something

“We can’t just passively sit around doing nothing and expect our lives to get better.” – p.21

Side Effects of Health

“When you provide the conditions for a thriving human being and you remove the impediments to health, disease often simply goes away as a side effect.” – p.26

More than fuel

“The molecules in your food do much more than provide fuel for your body. They provide instructions that tell every cell in your body what to do every moment.” – p.27


“Being overweight is a chronic inflammatory state.” – p.29

A Matter of Quality

“Clearly, all calories are not the same. It is a matter of quality.” – p.30

Liquid Sugars

“Don’t drink liquid sugar calories. This means soda, sports drinks, flavored coffees or teas, energy drinks, and juices (except fresh- made green vegetable juice). Here’s what liquid calories do: They get deposited and become that dreaded belly fat. They turn your liver into a fat factory triggering more insulin resistance and starting a vicious cycle. They mess with your head by increasing your appetite and keeping you from feeling full, so you eat more than you normally would in a day.” – p.40

Forever Land of Milk

“We have been taught that milk is nature’s perfect food. It is. For a calf! Humans are the only species that drinks milk after weaning. More than 75 percent of the world’s population is lactose intolerant (having the inability to digest the sugar in milk), and dairy causes bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Beyond lactose intolerance, the adverse immune responses to the proteins in dairy abound, including congestion, asthma, sinus problems, kids’ ear infections, rashes and eczema, autoimmune diseases, and type 1 diabetes. We encourage everyone to take a dairy holiday and eliminate diary for at least ten days but up to forty days to see how you feel. Along with gluten, dairy is one of the most inflammatory foods in our diet.” – p.45 | The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren

Eat for the sake of Eating

“Study shows that when we eat unconsciously, we eat more.” – p.52

Hourly Reminder

“Consider using an hourly reminder to move your body. Not only will you combat sitting disease and improve your health and fitness, but you can also connect with God through worship, thanksgiving, and prayer.” – p.64 | The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren

The heart as a muscle

“The good news is, since your heart is a muscle, anything that challenges it— whether it’s playing hopscotch, going for a hike, or waking up a flight of stairs— can strengthen it.” – p.66

Be Grateful

“Gratefulness actually helps your brain work better.” – p.78

“People who express gratitude on a regular basis are healthier, more optimistic, make more progress toward their goals, have a greater sense of well- being, and are more helpful to others.” – p.82 | The Daniel Plan by Rick Warren

Sleep 8 hours

“Get 8 hours of sleep. Less sleep brings lower overall blood flow to the brain and more bad decisions.” – p.87

More Spiritual

“It continues to amaze me that the more we get physically healthy, the more we seem to be a spiritually healthy body of Christ.” – p.89

Power of love

“This Harvard-trained physician discovered that it is relationships that ultimately impact our motivation to exercise and eat healthy. It is love that transforms our health, fitness, and lives more than anything else.” – p.91

“It’s not about rules at all; it’s about relationships. Life is all about love. It’s not about accomplishment. It’s not about acquisition. It’s not about popularity, power, or prestige. It’s about love. It’s about relationships.” – p.92

You can learn from anyone

“You can learn from anyone, so don’t assume that someone younger or less experienced can’t teach you something.” – p.95

Make changes to notice the difference

“If a horse had been standing on your foot your whole life, then you may not know how bad it feels until he gets off your foot.” – p.117

Some things I didn’t like

Well, is not like I have a list. Is just that the book started with a list of foods to eat that I don’t think is important especially because most of them are not available from where I live.

So, when I started to read the book I was kind of bored. And also that’s why it take me so long to finished this book.

In the last pages of the book you will find some recipes that some are good but other ones, well.. you have to see it.

So the Daniel Plan was a long but amazing book to read. And If I had to resume the whole book in just one word would be community, because Rick Warren showed me the importance of other people around us to help us make everlasting changes.

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