Invisible prisons

09/03/2019 11:13
Jordy Madueño

The invisible prisons are the ones we create ourselves without noticing and because of that, we don’t know how to get out of them.

50/50 Faith

50/50 Faith is a principle that will help us in areas where indecision has imprisoned us. That’s something we all…

02/03/2019 21:56

Pivotal decisions

The whole idea with pivotal decisions is that the important decisions are not the big ones but the most impactful…

23/02/2019 20:57

I’m confused about my calling

Sometimes I’m confused about my calling because there are so many interpretations of what that means that is overwhelming.

16/02/2019 21:15

Peace in my pocket

Peace in my pocket is a teaching about how to get peace every single day of our lives because it's…

11/02/2019 12:13

Fear of running out

There are several fears in the world but there’s one that is becoming popular and it’s not FOMO, I’m talking…

04/02/2019 19:39

Crushing it!

It took me a while but here’s finally my review of the book crushing it! by Gary Vaynerchuk with some…

28/01/2019 09:07

What’s controlling your joy?

Sometimes you feel like you lose your joy which means that you don't control your joy. So, what's controlling your…

21/01/2019 19:29

Flip it

With Jesus, we now have the power to flip our situations. So, flip it. You should live a life worth…

13/01/2019 05:00

The path of peace

The path of peace is not a place and it can't come from the world because we cannot afford to…

01/01/2019 09:27