Here’s a list of vitamin immune boosting foods. I’m talking about all the real foods that we can eat on every meal that have great quantities of vitamins that are related to improving our immune system. So, if you want to get stronger this season then you should add this foods to your diet. Enjoy it.

On this post, I want to share some vitamins that are found in natural foods and that will boost your immune system.

As I said, I recommend only “natural foods” which definitely does not include vitamin supplements because those are not even foods. Vitamin supplements are altered products which in the best of the cases are a waste of money.

That’s another reason why I don’t like to talk about specific nutrients because most people take it wrong, the focus is on the nutrient source not on the nutrient itself. So, you should always search for natural sources of these nutrients.

There are a lot of people going crazy because they get obsessed with calories, carbohydrates, proteins, calcium, vitamins, and much others. That obsession is completely unhealthy.

Sure, it’s good to know about this nutrients but more important is to enjoy life and enjoy your food. There’s no reason to get obsessed. That’s the main difference between following theories than following principles. The principles adapt to our life so we can enjoy healthier habits while theories make us unhappy because it’s not natural.

Therefore, you should live through principles. One of the main principles of health is to eat natural and fresh foods.

I think it’s enough as an introduction, now let’s get to know some natural foods reach on vitamins that will boost immune system naturally.


Vitamin immune boosting foods

Before we start with the list you should know that there are many other nutrients that can boost immune system naturally.

Here we will only talk about some vitamins that are highly related to building the immune system.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C | Vitamin immune boosting foods

Vitamin C | Vitamin immune boosting foods

Vitamin C is a classic nutrient to increase immune system as you surely have heard already.

Since the 18th century, several people avoided scurvy —which is the most common sign of vitamin C deficiency— with rich vitamin C fruits.

Although we’re gonna talk about vitamin C to strengthen your immune system there’re many other problems related to vitamin C deficiency as high blood pressure, gallbladder problems, stroke, certain types of cancer, and atherosclerosis.

Therefore, there are a lot of reasons why we should consume vitamin C rich foods. A list of some of the richest vitamin C and common natural foods are:

  1. Guava: 377mg/u
  2. Black Currant: 203mg/cup
  3. Red Pepper: 190mg/cup
  4. Kiwi: 164mg/u
  5. Green Peppers: 120mg/cup
  6. Orange: 82mg/u
  7. Strawberries: 89.4mg/cup
  8. Papaya: 86.5mg/cup
  9. Broccoli: 81.2mg/cup
  10. Kale: 80mg/cup
  11. Parsley: 79.8mg/cup
  12. Pineapple: 78.9mg/cup
  13. Brussels Sprouts: 74.8mg/cup
  14. Grapefruit: 71.8mg/cup
  15. Peas: 58mg/cup
  16. Cauliflower: 46.4mg/cup
  17. Mango: 45.7mg/cup

I have to clarify this list because there are much more other foods on the world that have vitamin C. This list is based on the most common on most countries but also each country have different options for you to choose. It’s the same with the next vitamins that I’ll talk about.

Besides, the average vitamin C recommended each day is about 60mg. You can notice that not only citric fruits are rich in vitamin C, there are a lot of other options you can add to all your foods.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 | Vitamin immune boosting foods

Vitamin B6 | Vitamin immune boosting foods

Vitamin B6 helps to the production of amino acids that are basic blocks to build proteins. Besides, vitamin B6 helps to the formation of hemoglobin and of some neurotransmitters. We can even say that it regulates the levels of glucose in the blood. Related to our immune system, vitamin B6 helps with the biochemical reactions of our immune system.

You can find vitamin B6 on animal-derived foods which I don’t recommend because the nutrients in these foods are usually of poor quality so I recommend you these natural alternatives:

  1. Pistachios: 2mg/cup
  2. Sunflower Seeds: 1mg/cup
  3. Sesame Seeds: 1mg/cup
  4. Pinto Beans: 0.4mg/cup
  5. Avocado: 0.4mg/u
  6. Blackstrap Molasses: 0.13mg/tbsp

The minimum daily recommended amount of vitamin B6 is 1.3mg each day.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E | Vitamin immune boosting foods

Vitamin E | Vitamin immune boosting foods

Beside of boosting our immune system, another benefit of consuming vitamin E is to regulate cholesterol levels, repairs and improves the skin, soften the hair, maintain a hormonal balance, and improves sight.

Some of the best foods with vitamin E:

  1. Almonds: 7.3mg/oz
  2. Spinach: 6.9mg/u
  3. Wheat Germ: 4.5mg/oz
  4. Sweet Potato: 4.2mg/tbsp
  5. Avocado: 2.7mg/u
  6. Sunflower Seeds: 2.1mg/tbsp
  7. Palm Oil: 2.2mg/tbsp
  8. Butternut Squash: 2mg/cup
  9. Olive Oil: 2mg/tbsp


Remember that these are not the only foods rich in this vitamins, each country has its own variety so it’s impossible for me to make the whole list. So you should search for the natural foods that are available in your country. There’s no need to buy foods from other countries because those have low levels of nutrients and also are more expensive. Focus on your local market.

These are only some examples of immune-boosting foods so you can have an idea.

As a general rule, if you have a colorful diet is because you’re consuming a variety of natural foods which is really good for your health.

In any case, if you are careful with your diet eating only real food, that is, following the principle of eating natural and fresh foods then surely you’re having all the vitamins that are so important to improve the immune system.


I hope this list had been useful to know more foods and the role of these vitamins.

I want to recall that supplements are regulated as foods not as drugs so there’s no research to know if they’re safe to use. Actually, I have worked with this products and I know that the entities recommend selling products as supplements because there’s no real regulation for that kind of products. That’s why there are several articles all over the internet about how bad supplements are. So, don’t forget that Supplements are very dangerous!

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