In this occasion Manu Sanchez, writer of Rambling Colors, shares her breakfast called overnight oats by the way that it’s prepare. Hope you like it, and you should try it because as you see in the photos it really looks very tasty besides it’s very good for health.

Overnight oats: The Breakfast of Champions

For years I prioritized sleeping a few more minutes over having a proper breakfast. I ended up always running out the door and grabbing a -plastic and bland- cereal bar and a cup of coffee at the office. Awful, I know! But thanks to Pinterest -my oracle, as you may have noticed- I discovered Overnight Oats. Since then, I long for breakfast. It’s easy, healthy, delicious AND it keeps you full until noon. Oh, and you can sleep a little longer in the morning too since all you have to do is take them out of the fridge and grab a spoon.

The key here is putting it all together before you go to sleep. It takes like five minutes, no more. Rolled oats and milk are the base and then you just add whatever you want. Mine always have at least chia seeds, Goji berries, powdered cacao and cinnamon. All that stuff goes in a bowl, glass, cup or jar in the fridge until next morning. When I wake I just add some fruit (strawberries, blueberries and banana) and that’s it. Crazy, huh?! Yep, it’s that simple. Anyways, in case you’re a fan of numbers and need everything measured to a T, here are the quantities I use ↓

You’ll need:

  • Rolled oats > 3 or 4 tablespoons
  • Milk > 1/2 cup
  • Ground chia seeds > 2 teaspoons
  • Goji berries > 2 teaspoons (Optional)
  • Cacao powder > 1 teaspoon (Optional)
  • Ground cinnamon > 1/2 teaspoon (Optional)
  • Sweetener > I personally don’t add any, but if you want to, you may add raw honey, brown or any organic sugar or stevia. (Optional)
  • Fruit > to taste!

Once you get the hang of it, you may also try different combinations. A teaspoon of peanut butter, a pinch of shredded coconut, chopped almonds or nuts… whatever you like! I swear you will never go back to having a bland energy bar and a watery cup of coffee again. I try to have Overnight Oats for breakfast at least twice a week. That way, I make sure to start the day in a good mood with lots of energy, eating something yummy AND healthy.

Some notes:

  • Make sure to use natural oats, the kind you may find in an organics store. Don’t buy the packaged stuff, you know the ones with the guy in a hat smiling at you from the box (you know what I mean). Those are super processed, full of sugar and whatnot.
  • The same goes to cacao. Get the raw powder, the one that tastes like real chocolate, not the one you may use to make cocoa.
  • If you are vegan or lactose intolerant, you can use coconut or almond milk.
  • If you are afraid the oats will make you gain weight, let me tell you: four spoonfuls in half a cup of skimmed milk won’t make you fat. In fact, they will keep you feeling full for longer, preventing you from eating like crazy at lunch. Besides, you will be adding lots of fiber and nutrients to your body, so relax and enjoy!

Now tell me: do you have a special ingredient for your Overnight Oats? Whats your favorite combination? If you haven’t try them yet, make them tonight and then let me know… I bet you’ll love them!