Let’s talk about the benefits of fats healthy or healthy fats. Because the best ones are defined by their source and not by their chemical composition.

There’s a big misunderstanding about fats and it’s funny how many stupid things you can hear on a daily basis.

Therefore I will try to explain what fats healthy or healthy fats are and why you should eat them at every meal.

I understand that you might be doubting about my claims but what I will share with you are truths that function independently over time. These claims have worked over the centuries and you will see that it makes sense.

These claims go on harmony with each science and are laws of nature.

While you read remember this principle: The natural options are the best options.


Fats healthy

Fats benefits from consuming healthy fats

  • Helps to produce healthy tissue on your skin.
  • Regulates your hormone levels.
  • Maintains a healthy brain.
  • Boosts blood clotting.
  • Keeps healthy arteries.
  • Regulates inflammation.
  • Helps the absorption of antioxidants, vitamins, and other nutrients.
  • Increases satiety.
  • Do fats provide energy? Yes, it’s the most useful energy source.

I have heard a lot of people that say that eating fruits and veggies aren’t enough for them to feel full. So they need to eat refined carbohydrates to feel satisfied. Well, healthy fats are a great option instead of processed carbohydrates to feel satisfied. For example, avocado and olives.

High quality fats food

Probably you’re telling yourself what fats I should eat? Well, to start the best fats healthy are the ones from a natural source.

If you think that animal fat is natural, then think again because the one that you are able to buy is highly processed.

Besides, vegetable-based fats have more nutrients and benefits for our body. Especially for our heart.

Fats food of poor quality

If good fat is natural then bad fat is processed. There’re a lot of reasons for this, reasons that go from biological process as digestion to genetic compatibility.

All fats can be processed so don’t focus on types of fat. Your focus should be on the source.

Although, there will always be a bad fat because it’s a fat only found in processed food. I’m talking about trans fat which is highly harmful.

Fish fat

I’m gonna be sincere. I don’t recommend you to eat fish because it’s hard to find fresh fish even in coastal cities.

If you can verify by yourself that it is fresh, really fresh, then you can eat fish which have essential fats healthy for your body. Especially for your brain.


Fats effect on the body

Something very important you should know about body fat, visceral fat, abdominal fat, and liver fat. Because those are fats that don’t have anything to do with food fats.

I’m telling you this because a lot of people think that by eating fats they’re going to get fat and that is not true.

Body fat is produced by carbohydrates, not even natural carbohydrates but processed carbohydrates because our body suffers by digesting them. Besides, processed carbohydrates came in a high density so our body stores it as body fat.

The next time you listen to someone avoiding some natural foods because they think that those foods make them fat then you will be able to explain how stupid that is.


Before I end, you should understand that saturated fat is not bad if it comes from a natural source.

The external layer of our cells is mainly composed of saturated fats. Even breastmilk is mainly saturated fat. Every natural food has saturated fat. So, don’t think about saturated fat as something bad, instead, focus on the source.

I’ll be publishing short posts to answer some questions about fats. If you have some questions let me know to answer them.


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