This time I will share with you the natural treatment for Cancer and also I want to talk about other things related to this topic.

Modern Medicine talks about several types of cancer if that’s also what you think then this article will not help you. Natural Medicine focuses on health meanwhile Modern Medicine focus on diseases. That’s why we have principles and treatments that are opposite to each other.


Your health depends on you. This means that you’ll have to make changes, be more disciplined and strict. Otherwise, it would be better for you to go into a Hospital to be attended. Although I assume that most of you would be here because your doctor said that there’s nothing else they can do for you.


As I was saying, on Natural Medicine we’ll never blame bacteria, virus or climate change for our diseases. We are responsible for our own health and if you take that responsibility it will be easier for you to fix it.

Even if you accept it or not, the main cause of diseases and especially for cancer is an awful digestion.

Usually, when I say this, a lot of people claim to eat well, and in very few cases that’s true.

Those people that eat well and yet have digestive problems is because they inherited bad blood or because they used to eat really bad. In both cases, they have a weak digestive system so their body cannot absorb all the nutrients even if they eat well.

Inherited bad blood: Have you heard of those people that say “I eat everything and nothing makes me sick”? Well, those are the same people that have sick children because their children are paying the debts of their fathers.

If you inherited bad blood, you can change it. But it all start by improving your digestive system for which I’ll give you some Thermal Medicine treatments.


Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer

In any case, doesn’t matter what is your situation, the treatment that I’m about to share with you has the main purpose of nourishing your body and help your body to use those nutrients so your own body recovers its health by itself.

Foods you have to avoid as if your life depended on it, and it does.

  1. No meat.
  2. No fish.
  3. No dairy. (eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt)
  4. No sugar. (white bread, pasta, desserts, juices, etc.)
  5. Nothing canned.
  6. Nothing with BPA plastic.
  7. No foods with preservatives. (high in sodium or with trans fats).
  8. No caffeine. (energy drinks, coffee, green tea, etc.)
  9. No fried foods.
  10. Nothing old. Like last night meals.

Now that we know all the things that harm us let’s focus on the things we should be eating.


Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer

Most people prefer to stay with the disease instead of making changes in their foods because they think that bad food is tastier. That’s normal since those foods produce addiction. Actually, the disease needs those foods that’s why it produces pleasure so you keep eating them.

When you overcome the detoxification time of that drug (sugar) then you will enjoy more natural foods.

To start this process of detoxification you have to do fast:

  1. Fast of fruit and water during the first days. You could also eat oats soaked in water for 20 min, then add honey or sliced banana, then eat it.
  2. After doing fast, when you feel much better going everyday to the bathroom then you can add:
  • Whole grains: quinoa, whole rice, 7 whole grain bread, whole grain pasta, etc.
  • Extra virgin Olive Oil.
  • Carrots, spinach, onions, olives, avocado, beet, lemon. Well, go to a local market and learn how to prepare all the foods available in there.
  • Seeds like chia, hemp, flax, etc.
  • Herbs like oregano, rosemary, etc.
  • Nuts like peanuts, macadamia, almonds, walnuts, etc.
  • There must be more but you got the idea. Everything that is natural and fresh.
  1. Focus on eating. Don’t get distracted with the TV or smartphones.
  2. Chew properly. Feel and taste the foods because the digestion starts in you mouth.

Local market: With this, I refer to the market of fresh products where farmers sell their foods. Not like a supermarket where everything is processed. Even their fruit tastes awful and has less nutrients since they cut them prematurely to have a longer lifespan.

IMPORTANT: Be strict with your diet since your progress and your health will depend on that. If you have to throw to the trash those bad foods, then do it! because those are a poison for your.


Is very important to prepare all of your own food to avoid preservatives and to really know what you’re eating. The best way to cook is by:

  • Steaming.
  • Baking.
  • Sun cooking.
  • Boiling.


  • Frying.
  • Freezing.

Highlights on digestion

A common factor in cancer, especially in stomach and colon cancer is constipation for long periods of times. In some cases more than a week. If that’s your situation stop eating and start fasting drinking just water with flaxseed until your bowel movement normalizes. You should also do the treatments of Thermal Medicine that I will share with you next.

You can stop fasting once you start going to the bathroom every day. And your deposition should be solid and consistent. Drink more water if your deposition is creamy or if you have diarrhea.


Thermal Medicine

Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer

Thermal Medicine is part of Natural Medicine which consist about these treatments:

Cold Water Friction

Every morning and whenever you’re sweating apply the [cold water friction]. Also, find a nettle (ortiga in spanish), softly apply it to the skin of your feet and arms then you will start sweating much more so apply the cold water friction.

It improves circulation and the depuration of toxic substances. Improves internal pH, digestion and general body metabolism.

The steps for this treatment are in here: [Cold Water Friction].


You should apply one of these treatments each day.

On the first day apply this treatment twice: [Sitz bath].

The next day apply this treatment twice: [Genital bath].

If you’re constipated or doing fast you should definitely be doing these two treatments.


It would be awesome if you can make your own mud as I explain in the [Mud Treatment]. Apply it in the belly area covering even the sides. Also, apply the mud wherever the cancer had been found. For example, if you have breast cancer, then apply the mud on the breasts.

This regulates pH levels, enhance inmune response, induce apoptosis (cell death) on cancer cells, improve circulation, and much other benefits.

Try to apply it every moment you can. Change it when it gets hot or dry. Maybe you’re wondering how can you apply the other treatments meanwhile you have the mud. Well, in the case of the cold water friction you just go over it and the same with the other treatments.


It’s not exactly a treatment but it’s a great habit. Breathe deeply pure air. Make breathing exercise like inhale for 7 seconds, maintain for 4 seconds and then exhale for 7 seconds. Repeat for 10 minutes.


It’s very important to have sun exposure every day even for just a couple of minutes. It’s important not only for vitamin D but because it offers energy to our body. Also, their rays purifies our body and make us sweat so we can apply the cold water friction.


Common questions

Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer


I’ve heard a lot of diets and to tell you the truth I don’t care about them. The main rule for me is to eat natural foods. That’s it.

But if you insist. The best diet that follows this rule is one called “plant-powered diet”. It’s about eating plant-derived foods. If you want cheese, then make your own using nuts. If you want meat, make one using quinoa. If you want milk then make your own with almonds or hemp. Every single animal derived food can be replaced with a more nutritive and tasty vegetable version. At least if you know how to do it.

I only know a few that I prepare for myself. So, search by yourself youtube or google tutorials about this.


Several diets talks about making juices but it’s much better to eat the food because by chewing your food you pre-digest it and also your saliva is a better analgesic than morphine.

Although, I know that there are complex patients, so for those cases you can make juices but with these guidelines: No added sugar, use the natural sweet of fruits. Also, do NOT mix fruits with vegetables or nuts. You can mix seeds with any of them.


Genetically Modified Organisms don’t follow the harmony of a natural ecosystem. Actually, our body genetics doesn’t recognize the genetics of those foods. So it’s a big NO for GMOs.


People with cancer usually say something like “it’s an especial occasion to share with my family eating pizza or some cookies”. Well, turns out that sugar is a drug. Put cocaine with sugar and both will have the same crystallized structure.

I will never recommend to an ex-addict to celebrate his abstinence by having a little bit of the drug. It’s the same for cancer patients.

Especially, I don’t recommend it for cancer patients because all of their work can be destroyed with a simple treat. It’s like building your lego castle for months until someone came and destroyed it in seconds.

My levels of …

People bring me their medical exams but I work with Natural Medicine and it doesn’t care about your blood levels. It’s pure theory that look nice on paper but does nothing for a living organism that changes constantly.

In other words, a medical exam is like taking a photo of a Formula 1 driver on their main race. If I used that photo to guide the driver through the race, well… the most probable thing is that the driver crash before I say anything.

Natural Medicine is based on functionality. If you see your skin softer with a better tone, that’s an improvement. If you can go to the bathroom as it’s suppose to be, that’s an improvement. That’s what matters. To see progressive improvements due to habit changes, not to drug changes.

Also, medical exams usually have a lot of errors. I have seen how some people even when they’re experiencing improvements they decide to make decisions based on those medical exams and start to get worst.

Water produces diarrhea

Some people have the idea that water produces diarrhea. But diarrhea is a natural mechanism of our body to clean our guts and water is not a cause of that. Actually if you have diarrhea I recommend you to drink water because diarrhea dehydrates your body.



Natural Treatment for Cancer

Natural Treatment for Cancer

As I’ve said at the beginning, I’m gonna talk about hospitals. I don’t recommend you to go into a hospital because they have protocols, which means that doesn’t matter if your doctor is a good person, he cannot do anything to help you if that goes against Hospital policies.

Here’re 5 reasons to avoid hospitals:

1. Poor nutrition

Maybe it’s only at some hospitals but I doubt it since in Medical School of Stanford there’s a nutrition class just for doctors because they say that not even doctors know how to eat.

On a hospital, they will give you all the foods that I said you should NOT eat. And if they give you fruits and vegetables, those will be only a 10% of the total food and also those will taste like hell.

2. Pessimistic

They only care about statistics and numbers on medical exams. So, they will tell you there’s nothing else to do.

Even if you start to feel better and the exams turn to be better, they will say that it’s normal for someone who is about to die. In their mind, if they couldn’t save you, nobody can. Although they know the statistics that say that chemo don’t save anybody on 10 years periods.

Don’t let them affect your mood. You need to be strong and have powerful thoughts because cancer is also psychosomatic. Boost your mood and keep going with the natural treatments.

3. You lose control

Once you’re on a hospital you lose the right to your own body. You cannot choose the natural treatments as an option, you cannot choose your food and you will start your journey with drugs.

4. 3rd Cause of Death

The American Medical Asociation declared Modern Medicine Treatments as the third cause of death. The Journal of Patient Safety confirms that more than 400,000 people die every year by Modern Medicine Treatments and that’s only in the United States where they have better medical services than on other countries.

Here’s the complete investigation about it: [Link].

5. Medicaments

Have you read the side effects? Often those are more than 20 side effects, and each one could have up to 15% chance of affecting you. So you would get at least one side effect. You know what’s the most common side effect? Digestive problems and do you remember what I said about the main cause of diseases? Well, the main cause of any disease are digestive problems. That’s why I do not recommend hospitals where they start by giving you medicaments, and not only one but several medicaments.


I hope this brief sum-up of the natural treatment for cancer could help you.

Sadly I no longer give direct consulting. Unless you already have tried everything I have recommended. If that´s the case send me a message trough social media.

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