If you want to sponsor companies that are focused on the wellbeing of people then Lenus is your company. Here we focus on helping people with their Health.

We’re Health

If you are here is because you have seen any of our content so in case you don’t know already I want to explain you first what Lenus means.

Lenus is a greek character known for going into every city helping and healing people.

When I read that story I knew that I should be Lenus. I focus on creating this content that can boost your health as a whole.

Hence I divided health into physical health, entrepreneurial health, and spiritual health. In this way, you would be able to have harmony in your life which is a guarantee that you are enjoying your life at the best.

By the way, I’m Lenus as a person but also Lenus is a company. That’s why you would listen me talking as me or as an us. It’s not bad grammar of insanity, it’s just Lenus different legal meaning.

Sponsor Me

With your donation, you’re sponsoring me because I dedicate every day of my life into Lenus so with your support I can keep working on all these things you have seen in Lenus.

Probably you don’t know all my reach yet so let me show you some of the projects that are helping people.

Several of this projects are both in English and Spanish so we’re able to reach almost the whole word with our message. We are also very active on social media, emails, and other media.


There are several ways you can support me like recommending me or sharing my content. Although there’s one way that is very important and that is through your donations because that help sustains this business. I established Lenus in a way that it can function on its own but with your donations, by can achieve greater projects to expand, improve the content and make it just better.

To make your donation you only have to press the red button that will take you to Paypal where you can write the amount of your donation.


Important: The donation goes directly under my name, that is, Jordy Madueño Pinto and remember that it’s a donation so feel free to do it if you wish. In any case, the content will always be free.

Thank you so much for your donation and let God prosper you in a great manner.

Sponsor a YouTuber

It can sound funny but it’s true. I have a great reach through the videos I post weekly into YouTube so with your donation you’re also sponsoring me as a YouTuber to influence peoples lives.