The cold water friction is a great thermal medicine treatment and is the best way to start the day with energy.

Since I was little I used this treatment for every illness. With three frictions I recovered from intoxication and with just one friction I avoid fever and flu.

Cold water friction

To start is really important you are warm so you should do some exercise or stay on the bed until you are warm. Beside that you’re gonna need cold water on a container and also a little towel. You have to do this treatment in a closed room without airflows otherwise you could get sick.

Start with the towel by immersing it into the cold water and then drain it a bit so it’s wet but without dropping water. Then fold the towel several times until the size of the towel is similar to your hand. Now we can start the cold water friction following this steps:

0. Face and feet optional

This is optional but for the people that doesn’t like cold water is better if they use the towel to friction their face and the soles. In this way you can overcome the cold water.

1. Front – From the right shoulder to the right foot.

Lenus – Cold water friction step 1

Lenus – Cold water friction step 1

This means that with the folded towel you are going to pass it through your body starting from the right shoulder and ending on the right foot.

Before you start the 2nd step you should unfold the towel because you should avoid using the same towel side twice because once you pass the towel through your body the towel get all the heat from the body and also the toxins that the body is expelling through the sweat. This is why we fold the towel on the first place.

2. Front – Left shoulder to the left foot.

Lenus – Cold water friction step 2

Lenus – Cold water friction step 2

This is the same as in the first step but this time you will do it with the left side, which means starting from the left shoulder and ending on the left foot.

Unfold the towel again before going into the next step.

3. Front – From the neck through the center.

Lenus – Cold water friction step 3

Lenus – Cold water friction step 3

From the neck your are going to pass the towel all the way down through the center of the body and ending in the genital area.

By following this orden you protect your heart and also you follow the nervous system and the circulatory system to improve their activity.

In this step probably you don’t have more sides of the towel to use, so it’s better to immerse the towel in cold water, drain it and fold it again to continue.

4. Front – Right side.

Lenus – Cold water friction step 4

Lenus – Cold water friction step 4

Starting on the right shoulder you’re going to surround your arm by going through the sides and ending on your right foot. Also is better if you continue on the crotch. Since we finished the front area on the first three steps we are doing the sides.

5. Front – Left side.

Lenus – Cold water friction step 5

Lenus – Cold water friction step 5

The same as the step 4 but in this case you start from the left shoulder and continue all over the left side.

There’s only one step left so it’s better if you immerse the towel into the cold water.

6. Back.

Lenus – Cold water friction step 6

Lenus – Cold water friction step 6

It’s no longer necessary to fold the towel to the size of you hand. Now fold it to the size of your back since we are going to pass only one time on the back. Start from the higher part of your back and go down into the right foot, then continue with the left leg.

That’s it! Now you can dress up again but without drying yourself because it’s important that your skin stays moisture.

Just remember to unfold the towel each time you finish a step. Never use the same side for two steps.


I recommend you to try this in the morning when you wake up since the body used to warm up in the night while you sleep. Also in winter is good to try it every time you come back home to avoid any possibility of flu. You can apply this treatment the times you like but is better if you wait 1 hour before doing it again. Because that’s the time it takes for the body to warm up again.

This treatment should be fast so it should take more than a minute to be done.

Difference with Ablution

There’s only one difference which is that with ablution you don’t drain the towel after you immerse it. So with the ablution the towel should be really wet. That’s the big difference.

Also remember that all the treatments are dangerous if you don’t follow the indications as you should.

All this process reach the benefits of thermal medicine and this is also the easiest treatment to apply in hydrotherapy.

Although it’s in spanish, I also recommend to watch the [Treatment video] to solve some doubts that you may have.

Hope this treatment can be very useful for you. Health!