Turns out that when were just babies, we’re 75% water, and after a year we turn into 65% water and finally now we can say we are 55-60% water, so we should ask ourselves: What if we stop drinking water?

Although the quantity of water in our body depends on our location, BMI, age and sex, we know for sure that the water is responsable to smooth joints, regulate internal heat and also it nourish the brain with the spinal cord. This means that the water have a really important role in our body, so now we can have an idea of what could happen.

What if we stop drinking water?

Our heart as our brain are 3/4 water, which is 75%. It’s like a banana that is 74% water. Our lungs are 83% water like an apple is. And finally even our bones that look so solid and dry are 31% water.

In this way we can notice that the majority of our organs are mostly water and that our body constantly driving out water through our sweat, urine, intestinal movements and even breathing.


In the brain, more specific in the hypothalamus get’s a signal when our body is low on water. Then our body release antidiuretic hormone (ADH) that get into the kidneys and creates aquaporins that are ducts where the blood can obtain and retain more water. This makes the urine more dark.

Dehydration turn low our levels of energy, mood, skin moisture, blood pressure and this could even turn into cognitive issues. Because of the dehydration, the brain has to work even harder to obtain the same results as before and meanwhile it shrinks temporarily.


When you consume to much water in short periods of time, it reduces and even stops the process in which the blood obtains and retains more water. Then occur something called hiponatremia where sodium electrolyte get diluted in our body making our cells sweat and in extreme cases the kidneys can’t retain diluted urine so we get intoxicated.

Intoxication causes headaches, nausea and in extreme cases even death.

So the best thing to do is to drink water in moderation, which can reduce a lot of health problems including diabetes and cancer. So the answer to the question, what if we stop drinking water? is that we will have a hard time. Because of this every time you are going to have a physical activity remember to bring your bottle of water, and if you’re at home just remember to drink a glass of water from time to time.

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