We are mostly responsable for what happens around us, especially when we talk about our environment. Every disaster the occurs is a great reason to be mad and all critical, but this is not the point here because I want to share with you optimism on climate change since there’s a solution to all this problem.

In the first place, our sky is not so vast as you may think of. It actually is like a little portion that covers the earth.

Optimism on climate change

The sad thing is that the energy trapped by man-made global warning pollution is now equivalent to exploding 400.000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day 365 days per year. This are the statistics that Al Gore (TED speaker) shared with us. Although it sounds so surreal it’s true and with that data you can imagine the heat on the atmosphere.

93% of the extra heat trapped by manmade global warming pollution goes into the ocean. And if the temperature gets higher, the oceans will evaporate more moisture to the sky, creating the phenomenon called “Flying Rivers”.

Just like the Flying Rivers we found that the weather is presenting several abnormal and drastic changes. Just as Kevin Trenberth describes it in U.S. National Center for Atmosphere Research – June 15, 2011:

“Global warming is contributing to an increased incidence of extreme weather because the environment in which all storms form has changed from human activities.”

This means that the storms are different, since the land is more dry which is creating more fires.

The last question is, can we really change this situation? The true is that we can and we can do it in short terms. There are world solar pv installations, which turn out to be a great opportunity of investment.

Even now on remote areas like villages you can find this solar pv because they have the option of low initial payments which allow young countries to obtain this solar pvs systems. The bad thing is exactly the “low initial payments” because it just promote debt into new levels. But still the solar pvs are a great idea to solve this problem so it’s worth spreading around to avoid all this heat issue. There must be a away to give this solar pvs more easily without incurring in debt.

What do you think about it?