There are a lot of ways to lose weight that you should not do so here is a list of some of the worst ideas you can find on the internet. Also, I decided to share simple recommendations that you should follow to get your ideal weight on a very healthy manner. So, check it out.

On Google, there are 702 different sentences related to weight loss that had been searched and some of those sentences have like 1 million searches per month. For example, 1 million people search each month “how to lose weight” which implies that it is a topic we have to explain very clear. Especially considering that there is a lot of information that can be toxic to our health.

If you search for methods to lose weight you might find some that can make you sick or even worse, drive you to death. Hence, I decided to make a list of some of the worst ideas I have found on the internet about ways to lose weight.


Ways to lose weight fast that you should not do

Unreal Goals

Unreal Goals | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Unreal Goals | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

There are people that think they can lose 100 pounds in a year which is a really problematic goal because they get obsessed with that unrealistic goal. They get so obsessed that they might get into nasty methods just to achieve that goal.

There’s no point to lose weight if you’ll also lose your health because most of those crazy methods don’t allow you to enjoy your life and you end wasting it.

Health is the medium to live better, to enjoy life, and to achieve your ideal weight. If you focus on your health, then as a consequence you will get your ideal weight.

Therefore, my recommendation is that your goal should be an optimum health instead of losing weight. The rest will come for itself.

Besides, if you want to make things faster then you should be more disciplined with your healthy habits. There’s no need to do crazy things like stop eating or surgery.

If you don’t have patience, then the problem is your character and not your weight. Focus on developing your character which is better than focusing on your body or on your environment. Developing your character means that you should be persistent, constant, and patient.

Diets are stupid

Diets are Stupid | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Diets are Stupid | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Diets are theories and not principles. That’s the reason why they are not sustainable. As living beings, we are very different and we’re constantly changing. Maybe one day we feel comfortable with something and the next day we just hate it. Since we are constantly changing we need to live through principles because the principles mold into who we are meanwhile theories as diets are so rigid that we have to mold into them.

Diets are also labels that polarize our mind and stop our rational thinking so we start taking decisions by emotions. That’s why people that take this labels like diets are more easy to be offended and to respond in anger. We should live in peace and love where there’s harmony between what we think and what we do.

There’s not one good diet to lose weight because each diet has its side effects that you will have to pay with fees along the way.

What I recommend are rational principles like eating real food, even more, the fundamental principle of nutrition is to eat natural and fresh foods. With this principle, you can analyze by yourself what foods are good for you and which aren’t. You don’t need a diet, you can develop your own diet to supply your own requirements.

By the way, if a product is less harmful it doesn’t mean it’s good. I’m saying this because most of the times we forget that and we end consuming bad foods as if they were healthy when they’re not.

To sum up, follow the nutrition principle and stop searching for diets to lose weight because that’s a waste of energy and can be counterproductive.

If someone tries to offer you diets to lose weight is mostly a fraud or they just don’t have principles. A person without principles follows the wind to wherever it drives them. Those diets are the wind that doesn’t have mathematics accuracy.

I say mathematics accuracy because a lot of people talk about science or talk about modern medicine like a precise science which it’s not. That’s why I love mathematics and also because it sustains Natural Medicine which is the one I promote.

Fucking Guilt

Fucking Guilt | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Fucking Guilt | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

One consequence of establishing unreal goals is to start feeling guilty because you are not achieving those unrealistic goals. Although, failing is something normal that sometimes has to happen.

It’s absurd to related guilt with our body weight because guilt is what usually drives us to worsen the situation by developing greater behavioral disorders. For example, with guilt, you end gaining weight when you wanted to lose it or you end losing weight when you wanted to gain weight.

Guilt is another character problem that you should solve and it’s more important than your body weight. You should take failure as something normal, make your peace with that and move on.

Skipping meals

Skipping Meals | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Skipping Meals | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

The best way to lose weight is NOT by skipping meals or stop eating. Actually, it’s the opposite, you should eat but being smart.

Smart people follow the principle about nutrition that I have shared with you because natural foods are the raw material for our body to work properly. If you know that you only eat natural foods and yet you get fat then it’s because you’re doing something wrong and you need a more advanced consulting. The normal process is that natural foods help you achieve your ideal weight, it could be by gaining or losing weight depending on your case.

Eating little or skipping meals isn’t something natural so it’s not sustainable and neither smart.


Obsession | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Obsession | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

There’s an obsession where every morning people want to know their scale so instead of using a scale as an instrument they use it as a self-destructive weapon. That is toxic to our body, mind, and spirit. By focusing on a number alone you condition your behavior in a way that can ruin your whole life.

Let’s suppose you weigh yourself and discover that you are not improving as expected. That can lower your mood which will make you eat more to feel better and that make things worst. This is just one example of how it can affect you.

You should make peace with yourself and let your body do its work with the raw materials (aka. Natural Foods) you are consuming.

Now, a lot of people think that they’re doing the right thing but it’s not true because they forget to consider the side effects that usually produce the same things we try to avoid.

I could tell you to find a professional for consulting but the problem is that most professionals recommend stupid things that I’m not gonna debate here. That’s why I prefer that you take control of your own life by learning all this stuff. There are many websites like this one where you can learn much more about this topics. Although, I will try to explain it the best way possible so you can make your own decision.

High-intensity exercise

High-intensity exercise | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

High-intensity exercise | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Nothing in excess will be good for us so don’t expect that by overdoing exercise you would find any health benefit.

Don’t take me wrong, doing exercise —specially aerobics– can strengthen your body, maintain a healthy weight and much more other benefits. So, the problem is when you do it time by time in high-intensity. It’s better when you do it every day as a habit and with a normal intensity.

You may think that if you dedicate one day to a high-intensity routine then it will be better but it is not. It’s like drinking a lot of water to avoid drinking water the next days.

There’s a natural and spiritual law that says that each day has its own worries, that is, don’t take shortcuts because they don’t exist. Therefore, the most important thing in our life is to develop daily healthy habits.

Sweating too much

Sweating too much | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Sweating too much | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Since we already talked about how bad it is to have an intense exercise then you should have clarified that high-intensity sweating isn’t good neither.

It’s good to sweat because it helps to purify your own body by expelling all the toxins that are accumulated in your body, it also improves blood flow and many other benefits. The problem is that the excessive sweating means that you might also be losing some nutrients. Excessive sweating can have several implications depending on what you’re doing to sweat that much.

If you are sweating due to a high-intense exercise then you already know how bad it is. If you’re sweating due to saunas or similar places then you are taking your body to the limits of dehydrating, losing electrolytes, etc. This isn’t good and neither sustainable.

Sweating is natural but when you force it, it stops being natural and be sure that any unnatural thing will be bad for your life. That’s the law of the natural and supernatural world.

Too much water

Too much water | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Too much water | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Here’s another case where people keep trying to do the unnatural.

It’s good for you to always keep a bottle of water handy but it’s not good for you to force yourself into drinking several liters of water.

Just think about it because by reaching that point you’re forcing your own body like a torture.

My recommendation is the same, drink just the natural amount of water. You don’t need to force it.

There’re several theories related to the exact amount of water that our body needs but I don’t think it’s necessary for us to tell our body how much water it needs. Your body will tell you, your duty is to always have water handy. Most people choose sodas and other ultra-processed drinks because they don’t have water near them and when they go for water, they end drinking other products.

Laxatives or purging

Laxatives or purging | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Laxatives or purging | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Another stupid idea is to use laxatives or purging, seems like these decisions are made by emotions and not by the use of our brain.

People use laxatives or purging to lose weight by inducing vomit and diarrhea. In the first place, this is big character disorder that produces a nutritional disorder. You should start talking about this with a close person that you trust so you can start the treatment focusing on your character and behavior.

These type of problems have a root on the character and mindset. The person stops to think rationally and act through their emotions. If you suffer from this type of disorder then you should start a slow process to boost your character. The goal is to develop self-love independently of the physical appearance.

I could recommend some people to help you but usually, that doesn’t work because you are the one who decides and nobody can do it for you. Just remember to be persistent, even if your steps are small doesn’t matter because you’re on the right path to get better.


Calories | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Calories | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

The idea of focusing on calories or nutrients is completely stupid. There are a lot of people that demonize healthy natural foods just because they focus only on one nutrient.

Some people don’t eat because they say it contains fructose. What they do not consider is that the studies that reveal how bad fructose is, they explicitly explain that it is only ultra-processed fructose found on ultra-processed foods. Even more, they never even mention fruit as bad.

The whole article: [Fructose is the devil inside fruit]

There’re people that don’t consume avocado because it contains fat. Happens the same with nuts. These people ignore that the reported bad fat comes only from ultra-processed foods like pizza and french fries. Meanwhile, there are many reports on how good are the fats from natural sources like cashews and other nuts. Those boost our brain function and also maintain our ideal weight. Even more, those maintain the waist-hip proportion and reduces obesity.

The whole article: [Nuts make you fat]

People focus on the nutrients ignoring the source which is the most important factor for a healthy meal. Most people prefer to be blind and not accept the several pieces of research and reports that by the way are annexed to the articles I mentioned.

Pills to lose weight

Pills to lose weight | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Pills to lose weight | Ways to lose weight that you should not do

Don’t be obsessed with finding a magic pill that will make you lose weight because that simply doesn’t exist.

That’s life. Everything requires effort which is how we develop character. Most people are afraid of life’s obstacles and that’s why they lack character. Life is difficult because we need to develop our character and as you have noticed is something most people who want to lose weight don’t have.

There are no pills to lose weight so if you buy one, in the best scenario it’s most probable that you have wasted your money, and in the worst scenario you could get big medical complications.

Forget the easy and fast solutions. Be a man/woman and stop acting like a child.


Advice on losing weight

I already talked about the best methods to lose weight but I will put them in a simple way here. Just remember that even though it’s simple doesn’t mean it will be easy.

  • Develop your character. This means to get a determination, be organized, be diligent, be patient, etc.
  • Follow principles like eating natural and fresh foods.
  • Keep a balance or moderation as a principle for your life.
  • Develop daily healthy habits, exchange the old ones. Some great habits could be to do breathing exercises, physical activities, taking a sunbath, learning to cook natural foods from the local market, etc.
  • Enjoy your life and appreciate your body as it is. I’m not talking about conformism, it’s about gratitude because if you’re not happy with what you have then you won’t be happy with what you don’t.

How to lose weight in a week?

It’s incredible how people search this on the internet but this question reveals a deep problem with your character and you should check out everything we have been talking about.

Learn to appreciate things in the long term instead of the things in the short term because that lifestyle is not sustainable.

Juices to lose weight

There’s not such a thing as juices to lose weight, there’re only daily habits to live better even though there are people that profit on this topic. Actually, juices or smoothies are a bad way to consume the food because by making those smoothies you are losing several important nutrients like fiber, antioxidants, and others. Those nutrients are important to regulate your weight so if you really want to lose weight then you should eat these foods.

So, juices to lose weight. No.

Foods to lose weight

All fresh and natural foods are good to lose weight and to gain weight. Let me explain better.

It’s not about gaining or losing weight, it’s about getting your ideal body weight. The natural foods can help your body to achieve that ideal weight and will also help you maintain it.


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