Without realising it from our the days as a child or as we grew up, we inherit certain customs which in some cases were well-founded but in other cases were created wrongly becoming myths about healthy foods.

Myths about healthy foods

1. Bubble gum

Although it sounds strange to most, in many cases I’ve heard of people who really believe that chewing gum can help dental health even though several dentists think differently.

Of course that’s not all, the worst of gum that puts it among the myths about healthy foods is because while you chew gum you are also taking small portions of air that eventually become trapped in the intestines causing gases in addition to the feeling of fullness.

Even often consumption of gum can lead to diarrhea and abnormal weight loss (if you want to lose weight, believe me, this is not the way) because of its content of sorbitol which is a sugar alcohol that the body take a lot of time to metabolise.

2. Green Tea

The caffeine in green tea can cause abdominal pain, and often consumption affect the natural performance of the body and can even alter the biological clock.

Such as coffee, green tea contains caffeine in a certain amount that works as a diuretic and causes nausea.

Knowing this the best thing to do is consume herbs that are fresh because they can have the same benefits of green tea without many problems. There are many choices of herbs although in every country there are herbs that are easier than others to get. But you can start with chamomile and mint.

3. Dairy products

Dairy products are not good for health even if that surprise you. Especially now that they are much more processed and altered than before. If you talk to doctors surely they will still recommending milk for calcium, or perhaps they’ll recommend enriched milk which is even more altered.

Now, if you ask chemists, they can confirm you that it is not as good as most people think.

It is known the problem faced by many people who do not have the enzyme needed to digest lactose which is the sugar in milk. By the way, Jamie Oliver showed how some companies have added the same amount of sugar in milk than there is in a can of soda.

Anyway, consuming many dairy products makes the digestion in the small intestine rather than the stomach, resulting in symptoms such as diarrhea and gas.

Certain cheeses like parmesan and cheddar are low in lactose and more tolerable and the healthiest cheese should be fresh which is white inside and out.

Remember that the dairy nutrients can be found in other sources, for example, you can get calcium through dark green leafy vegetables along with nuts like almonds.

This concludes the myths about healthy foods. But would you like to add something?