There are several details about fast foods that probably you don’t know, so I decided to reveal the secrets of fast food that make it a very powerful industry.

Secrets of fast food

It covers various flavors

Fast foods are mostly designed to satisfy various tastes and thus program you to want fast food before any other food, including healthy foods like fruit.

You eat fast

The signal of fullness takes approximately 20 minutes to reach the brain, so the faster you eat, the more you end up eating.

It has been found that people usually chew the food 15 times, but when they consume fast food they chew 12 times which make you eat even faster.

It is hard to say no

In most cases people are not able to say no when someone offered them to enlarge the combo or if they want to add other things. That is why the protocol of the people in this places is to offer additional options for your order.

Medium is big

This is one of the greatest secrets of fast food because we unconsciously always choose the middle option. The fast-food industry knows this and so the larger the medium size is, the more they can charge for it. The difference with the “large” size is not much and the price difference is small. For this too when they offer larger size for so little price difference it is very tempting.

Increased calories

Compared since 1980 to today, the pizzas have 70% more calories, hamburgers 75% and French fries 190% more calories. In case you didn’t understand why there’s more and more diseases, perhaps this can give you an idea of reason.

Soda is dirtier than bathwater

Ice machines are difficult to clean and because of that several studies showed that 70% of times the ice in fast food restaurants is dirtier than the water in the bathrooms and in several cases the ice contained the bacteria E. coli.

The meat is cleaned with chemicals

The chemicals usually associate with cleanliness as ammonium hydroxide are used to clean the meat in case of bacteria and other organisms. Chemicals are also used to lower the acidity and make it difficult for the disease to survive.

Worse of all is that it has been legally approved.

Fake grilled meat

Now we come to the part of the secrets of fast food where we completely get disillusioned because the grill marks on the meat are fake, like the smoke flavor and coal. All are chemical and dressings to give us that illusion.

It looks the same through time

These foods are added enough sodium and other chemicals that affect our health but are responsible for maintaining the appearance of these foods.

A photographer from New York named Sally Davies showed photos of a burger that looked the same for five months.

Contaminated vegetables

Even salads have secret ingredients such as propylene glycol to maintain crisp leaves, even though that propylene glycol is also used as antifreeze lubricant.

Depressive cups

The styrofoam cups can filter styrene which is a neurotoxin that causes depression and loss of concentration.

Hot or acidic drinks leach styrene more easily than cold drinks.

Bran muffins

Bran is very good because it improves digestion, but the problem is that most companies use it as an excuse to offer calorie-laden pastries in the mornings.

“Healthy” pizza

Sbarro pizza of “broccoli, spinach and tomato” in two portions it can have 1200 calories, 60 grams of fat and 2600ml of sodium.

These are all the secrets of fast food that I recommend you take into consideration before making your next order. The ideal for a healthy life is to follow this [nutritional plan].

Do you know any other secrets of fast foods?