Let’s see the natural treatment for kidney stones that is very simple and the treatment itself will also help you avoid other diseases because it will boost your general health by making some lifestyle choices that might seem simple but are very powerful.

What are kidney stones?

Our kidneys have the purpose of filtering our blood and it takes all the waste from the blood and that waste is what we know as urine.

Salts and other minerals on urines join together to produce little stones on the kidneys. Usually, we don’t feel them unless those stones produce a blockage. The pain is higher when those stones go from the kidneys through the ureters into the bladder.

They were also known in Spanish as “mal de piedra” and natural medicine explains that the cause are digestive problems, poor skin depuration function, and many other physiological derangements like the thermal imbalance of the body.

By the way, in 80% of the cases, kidney stones are made mainly of calcium which means that our body is losing calcium from the bones which is a common consequence due to a poor nutrition or poor diet based on ultra-processed foods including meat.


  • Severe pain in the back, belly or groin.
  • Frequent or painful urination
  • Blood in urine.
  • Nausea or vomiting.

If the stones are small then they will pass without producing symptoms, therefore here we are going to consider that the situation is a little more serious.

Natural treatment for kidney stones

As a start point, you should know that natural medicine and modern medicine are completely opposite in many ways so if you want to follow modern medicine treatments then these natural treatments will not work.

But if you want to follow the natural treatments then don’t do any treatment from modern medicine that involves chemicals or unnecessary surgery. I definitely do not recommend medicaments, drugs, antibiotics, injections or any other pharmaceutical product.

Let’s start with the natural treatments that I recommend to eliminate kidney stones and to improve our health so you don’t get this problem again.


It’s obvious that your diet has a big role in your recovery so it depends on how fast you change your diet and how strict you are with what you eat.

The most important principle that you should always remember is that you have to consume natural and fresh foods as you can see on this [nutritional guide]. That means, eat seasonal fruits, lots of vegetables, whole grains as quinoa, nuts like almonds, seeds like flaxseeds, fresh legumes, etc.

Washing Blood

There are two ways to wash your blood. The traditional one is by using sauna where the benefit comes from the cold water ablution and not from the sauna itself. This helps your skin to react so your skin can expel toxins, improve circulation, regulate internal temperature, and regulate many physiological processes. Besides, it helps you alleviate the circulatory burden on the digestive organs so they can work better.

This is [the washing blood using sauna].

The second way is by using the sun which is the one I use. It’s important to take sunbaths even if it’s not through direct contact, you can wear clothes or using plants as coverage. What we want is to smoothly heat up all of our body so we can use the cold water ablution.

There are some people that cannot have direct contact with the sun so they can make it by indirect contact or using the sauna.

This is [the washing blood using the sun].

My recommendation for kidney stones is that you should do this treatment once a day. Make it a habit.

If you have doubts about this treatment or procedure then write me through email or social media so I can help you.

Genital Bath

This treatment has several goals. One of the main goals is to regulate internal temperature and the blood on our underbelly so all of our organs can work properly. Additionally, due to the high nerve ending from genitals (high sensitivity) this treatment can improve the activity from the nervous system to boost our general body functions.

This is one of the best treatments for several advance cases because it produces a fast reaction on our body.

This is the [Genital Bath] step by step.

You have to do this treatment every day and ideally three times per day.

For how long you have to make these natural treatments?

These treatments are part of a healthy lifestyle but the recovery time with a natural treatment goes up to one year on the most advanced cases where the body expel all the kidney stones without the need of surgical intervention.

I have to highlight the importance of nutrition here because it defines how well and fast your recovery is. That’s why I say these are habits you should follow as a healthy lifestyle, obviously not that intense but you should do them time by time even if you’re healthy.

As I already said, if you have any doubts about these treatments then write me about it. Also, I know each person is different but this treatment works for all of us because those are principles and not theories.

Those treatments are naturals which are not going to harm your health unlike the modern medicine treatments, so these treatments are safe to use.

Since these treatments are focused on strengthening your health, you will see that your general health will improve, so it’s not only for the kidney stones. You will notice a better appetite, digestion, energy, mood, resistance, immune strength, cognitive improvement, and many more.

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