The medical system crisis has been prognosticated from various areas of knowledge so here I will try to explain more about it.

Before we start I want to explain something very important. The medical system doesn’t have health as a priority. The interests of medical systems are mainly politics and socioeconomics which are greater than public health. So, don’t be surprised about that when the crisis comes.


Medical system crisis

Let’s talk about why medical systems will always end in crisis.

Treating Symptoms as a Profitable Business

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Modern medicine is using a similar structure to fast foods. I mean, the fast solution business. The problem is that there’re not fast solutions in health. So, how they do it?

The way they sell this fast solution idea is by using an old concept called “smokescreen”. Let me explain how it works with this example: If you have the XX disease you go to the doctor and then he gives you a solution but not for the XX disease but for the symptoms you feel that are related to that disease. In this way, you will silence the symptoms so you can continue with your life.

You should know that the purpose of symptoms like the pain is to alert us of a problem in our body. If you silence those alerts then the disease will keep growing without you knowing it.

Now, let’s think like a business person. You need loyal customers. So, it’s much better for you to create disposable products than a one-time-use-only product. That’s why they adopt the concept of fast foods because in this way they can have more clients and attend them faster.

Although, I think is kind of obvious why treating symptoms and not diseases can be a problem.

Even more, another problem that this system has is that by having too many loyal clients they saturated the system. That’s why in various countries you will find entities like medical insurance that are being closed. One possible solution for them is to raise prices so they can reduce the clients. What do you think about that?

Perspective about Medical Insurance

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Lenus | Medical system crisis

I loved how Peter Glidden explains the medical insurance. He says that a medical insurance is like betting that you’ll get so sick that you would not be able to pay for it.

Robert Kiyosaki also talked about this business model and about social insurance. He confirms that it will get into crisis because it cannot support the raise of clients, especially because this business model has an awful administration structure.

Getting back on Peter Glidden, he also talks about how people fight for their medical insurance even though it has been called as the 3rd cause of death in the world. In other words, is more probable that you die with a medical insurance than without one.

If you want to know more about the entities that called modern medicine as the 3rd cause of death then you should check out this article: [Medical system is the 3rd leading cause of death].

Price increase

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Let me explain how medical insurance work as a business. If I want to create my own medical insurance then I should contact all health entities. Now to sell my insurance to other people I have two options.

OPTION 1: I’ll have to reduce the insurance cost so it will be less expensive than medical costs.

OPTION 2: I’ll have to contact health entities to increase the medical costs so the insurance cost would seem cheaper.

To make this business profitable and possible I will have to choose the option 2. In this way, with my insurance, the medical costs would increase.

It’s just business, nothing personal.

A lot of people prefer medical insurance because they don’t have financial literacy. They don’t realize that insurance companies make the inflation on medical costs.

As Robert Kiyosaki confirms. This will also produce a bubble that eventually it will explode.

Distorted health concept

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Most people delegate their health to doctors which is a terrible decision. Notice that health is life and life is health. So, when you delegate your health to a doctor, you’re delegating your life.

When a person has a life in their hands this produce awful things as history can prove. People do terrible things when they have this type of power.

This happens when you have a distorted health concept where you don’t want to take responsibility not even for your own life. That’s why I usually say something like take responsibility of your life because if you don’t care about you, nobody will.

That’s why most health centers are full with people even if they only have a headache or a cold.

My boss forces me

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Lenus | Medical system crisis

Even if you don’t want to go into a health center for things as simple as a cold, you’re obligated to go for your job-sake. That’s why health centers are saturated with people that have simple symptoms. Also, because of that there are people with worst situations that are left unattended. In other words, medical negligence due to a mediocre system.

Is not the fault of your job or your boss. That’s how the system works. If your boss doesn’t make you go into a medical center then your boss will have problems with the government. It’s a chain of obligated negligence.


Now comes the best part of the article where I give you alternatives. Although, I have to make clear that I’m not saying you should cancel your medical insurance, because sadly it’s part of our society norms. The idea is that even though you have a medical insurance, you shouldn’t have to use it. I want you that healthy.

My first recommendation is to: Take responsibility for your health.

Is that it? Yes, that’s it.


A person that takes responsibility for his health start to be careful with what he eats, develop healthy habits, have physical activities, and try to reach the best life quality possible.

If you don’t know where to start then choose one of the articles in this website and focus on applying it. That simple.

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