Lately, there had been a lot of research on our gut and how it controls our feelings.

To talk about this topic I need to make clear about the power and importance of our guts.

One of my favorite books on this topic is Darm mit Charme by Giulia Enders, where she started by telling her story which I’m gonna tell with my own words.

Giulia was on a party where there was a guy sitting by their own and when she talk to him, she notice a really bad breathe which is sign of digestive problems. Days after that, she were told that this guy kill himself. That’s when she realize that there must be a connection between our gut and our emotions. Especially a connection with [depression].

If you cannot understand that relationship between those, think about the time you were nervous, how your stomach and gut felt?

Or what about the time you consume toxic food, what was your mood after that?

It controls our feelings

Psychiatrist James Greenblatt found that more than half of psychiatric complaints were associated with problems in the gut. And he also says that several patients were treated only with a better nutrition plan that solved both problems.

So, it controls our feelings but is not just that. Actually, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer, mood changes, and a lot more are related to your gut health.

Now you can understand why I always have to talk about nutrition because nutrition is the foundation of health.

But getting back into our guts you should know that around 90% of our cells are actually bacteria, and bacterial genes outnumber human genes by a factor of 99 to 1.

You should also know that we didn’t have that microbiota (those bacterias in our gut) when we were babies in our mother’s womb. Babies are essentially sterile until they enter the birth canal, at which point the bacteria start to arrive.

And please don’t take my wrong, because for centuries people liked to blame bacteria for everything. When the truth is that we need bacteria, and without them, we couldn’t even digest most of the foods we eat.

So bacteria are really important for our health. Even the worst bacteria serve a purpose.

That’s why I do not recommend caesarean section, and if your doctor doesn’t have a legal justification to make you take caesarean section you have the right to sue them. Because, caesarean section means that the baby will not be able to get the mother’s bacteria that he needs to establish it’s own microbiota which will affect their mental health, their immune system, and much more.

To know more about this I recommend you the book [Brain Maker] by David Perlmutter, who explains more about this topic.


But, what you can do if you were born by caesarean section?

Microbiota depends on our nutrition, so the solution will be to have great nutrition habits. For example, always keep salads the main dish and other components will be the side-dish.

Also here you will find a [nutritional plan] that will guide you through the basics of proper nutrition.

Well, to sum up in your guts you will find your second brain. It has its own nervous system which is really powerful. And powerful enough to tell you how to feel and even to control your cognitive capacity.

That explains why in your guts are high levels of serotonin (well-being neurotransmitter).

So don’t underestimate your guts.
It controls our feelings.

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