Food has a main role to improve our biological functions and one of those is the memory. So let’s see how you can improve your memory with your nutrition.

There are a lot of mental exercises that I recommend you to practice so you can improve your memory. But that’s not what I’ll talk about in here.

The reason why I’m writing this article is that I’ve found something very interesting in Science Daily and I want to explain some things. So let’s start.


Improve your memory with your nutrition

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Mediterranean diet or MedDiet is the most recommended for mental health and memory. But I don’t recommend it. I’m not saying that MedDiet is bad. It’s just that people have poor perceptions about diets. And they are not to blame.

A lot of people usually ask me about a diet that I recommend. That’s the problem with diets. It makes people close minded. In other words, diets can work with robots but not humans. We as humans need guidelines, principles, and values. In this way, we develop a better thinking instead of following formulas like diets.

The other day I was listening to a podcast that was sharing a testimony of a vegan girl that had a widely known blog about vegan life. This girl knew about the diet but didn’t have principles so she started to suffer from eating disorders which lead to anorexia. She had to stop her vegan life to be more flexible. Once she made the announcement in her blog a lot of fanatics of a vegan diet started to threaten her.

That’s also why I don’t like labels. It makes people less compassionate and prone to fight for stupid things. That’s why I don’t think of myself as a vegan or vegetarian. Although I don’t usually eat meat or animal derived products. But I’m flexible so if I want to I will. It’s just that usually I don’t want to.

I follow principles and one of them is to consume natural and fresh foods. This is a rational principle that I decided to follow.

I say rational because there’s a lot of people that choose diets for emotional reasons. For example, simple and stupid fashion.

Other problem with diets is that those could affect your thoughts and character in a negative way. Meanwhile if you live through principles, your life will mold to your way of being and live a high quality life that you can enjoy.

I know this was not the main topic for this article but I think it’s very important to talk about. Now let’s see how to improve your memory with your nutrition.


Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

This is the main and only recommendation related to memory and nutrition.

I want you to change your perception about fats because they’re very important, actually, breast milk is mainly fat because babies need it. The cells and our whole nervous system relies on fats. Actually, fats are the most profitable source of energy.

Maybe you’re confuse because we’ve always heard how bad fats are. Well the point is not that fats are bad. It’s that the most common sources of fat are bad. See that? The problem is the source.

If you consume fats from hamburgers or pizzas, those are bad. If you eat fats from avocado or nuts, those are good. See how the sources matter? and how the principle of fresh and natural applies perfectly?

Hence, if you want to improve your memory then start to eat natural and fresh sources of fats. Actually, learn to prepare them in several ways.

You can eat directly peanuts and almonds, or you can make a smoothie (sometimes wrongly called milk).

Extra virgin olive oil is a basic oil for all salads and for other foods seasoning. Eat olives. Even seeds like flaxseed, chia seed or hemp seed. All those have healthy fats.

Whole grains have healthy fats in there germ. So replace white rice with whole grain rice, you can do the same with other products like pasta and bread. Add quinoa which is a great food.


I want to add some other things very important to understand more about fats.

Fat doesn’t make you fat

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Body fat is not the same to nutritional fat. I’ve found a lot of people who make this mistake. What produces body fat is mainly carbohydrates, not fats. To be more specific, I’m talking about simple carbohydrates that are know as sugars. But not all sugars, I refer to processed sugar which is highly concentrated.

So, if you don’t want to get fat then don’t buy foods with added sugar (i.e. processed sugar). If you want sweet foods then eat fruits that have a healthy and natural sugar.


Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

HDL is known as a good cholesterol and LDL as the bad cholesterol. But actually both are good. The reason why LDL is considered bad is due to sugar. Sugar oxidize LDL which makes it bad. So as you can see the problem is sugar and not fats.

Trans fats

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Lenus | Improve your memory with your nutrition

Trans fats are not natural. It’s highly processed and therefore a very dangerous fat. So avoid products with trans fats. Although if you follow the natural and fresh principle, then you will never encounter trans fats in your foods.


With all of these, I hope you understand the importance of following principles instead of diets. With principles you would understand what is good and bad for you. Because most people that follow diets doesn’t know the reasons behind their choices.

To sum-up my final recommendation is to search for natural and fresh foods that are rich in fats.

When you buy a food ask yourself: is it natural? is it fresh?

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This is the Science Daily article that I read and motivated me to write this article to explain several things. There you will find how fats improve our nervous system including cognitive functions as memory.

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