One of the hardest thing is to try having a healthy life knowing that where you are about to go is a healthy food free zone, or that the people that will be around you doesn’t have the same healthy habits that you do. Here arise a great question that is: How to live a healthy social life?

I consider that one of the hardest things is to continue your healthy habits when you are in new surroundings and new traditions, not just because the people but because yourself since we tend to use this as an excuse to stop doing a lot of things.

For example, if you are a person who loves to run in the mornings but in vacation you may think something like “today I’m not gonna run because I’m on vacation”.

This is something very common because this extends to other sides of our life. I heard people that saids “today I won’t wake up early because I’m on vacation” or something like “I’m late because I’m on vacation”. The thing here is that if you’re a committed person, doesn’t matter if you have obligations or not, you would wake up early. And the same if you’re punctual, you would get there on time.

As in the examples, it’s the same with a lot of things. When people doesn’t have the obligations but they still do it is because it’s part of their character and of their habits.

How to live a healthy social life?

Let’s see some situations where we can lose our healthy habits if we’re not prepared.

Never go to a party being hungry

This is an excellent advice anyway, firstly because you don’t know if there’s gonna be food and second because you don’t know how much you will have to wait before they give the food.

So it’s always a good idea to eat before you are going into a party, otherwise you might end eating any type of food that usually is filled with fat and sugar.

Eat before traveling

This is actually an extension of the last point because if you’re hungry you shouldn’t go into a airport, sports, or even public events. There you’ll find only fast food that will kick your health, so you’ll feel awful later. By the way, the food in airplanes are terrible so you shouldn’t eat this food like lasagna which is too much for traveling because you may arrived feeling sick.

Also the food in this places are too expensive, so by avoiding this you will be also helping your wallet.

Always carry food

By rule, no matter where you go, you should always have healthy food that can help you in hard times. And I think this a the best tip to know: how to live a healthy social life?

Healthy team

Create a group of friends that are also into a healthy living so you can share together good places to have a meal, or about sports you can do together like tennis, baseball or riding a bike. This will boost your mood and also will help your friends.

Say NO to the douche

There are always people called the “opinion nazi” because they will be bothering you to do the opposite of what they know you do. Some people think that this kind of people feel so bad about themselves that try to make you feel alike. You shouldn’t ruin your life purpose just because someone doesn’t care about your life.

So if these douche offers you shit food, alcohol or drugs, the answer should be a firm NO, and get out of there because this person will never stop bothering you until he gets what he wants.

Well those are my recommendations but to conclude you should remember that the main idea is to live better. I hope this answer the question of How to live a healthy social life?

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