Thats right, I am organising a Health Community on Whatsapp to share daily health articles, news and recommendations. It turns out that our health depends on our daily habits and we really need someone to support us and to remind us how to make better decisions every day.

A better decision can be simple as waking up and taking a glass of water, or perhaps buying a small package of nuts to eat on the way. The important thing is to remember these little details and for that you will receive our recommendations. Now let’s see how to make this happen.

Health Community on Whatsapp

We commit ourselves to share health information every day so you can also implement those recommendations to make the most of every moment on your life. You don’t need to wait to go to a doctor for… wait by the way you probably will be waiting for like six hours before the doctor see you which I don’t think it’s something you want to do just to know how to avoid things such acides or heaviness in the morning.

IT’S NOT my intention to replace or substitute any form medical care because my only focus is to offer you all the information you need to make better decisions. In this way you can have a better judgment of what is happening in your body. And there is not much science nor need to be a genius to figure out that what is hurting you are half night greasy foods, or maybe too much chocolate is causing you dizziness.

Although this is not all, because I am passionate about everything that comes to health and if there are alternatives around us that we can use to improve our quality of life then I’m going to share them with you. For example, I’m always discovering new companies that produce and import very good natural food for health which I think is really important for you to be aware of this. Maybe I can recommend good restaurants and even parks where you are free to exercise.

I hope to share with you everything I’ve learned and what I am still learning. So this is what you have to do to join our community:

Steps to sing up:

  1. Add this number in you phone: +57 304 456 4844
  2. Send us a text that say: I wanna be part of your health list.
  3. And thats it.

It’s that simple so we can live healthy and to be able to enjoy every detail of our lives. If you have more doubts about this you can [write us].