There’s a protein that activate certain genes in our DNA to produce a gene reply against cancer that protect our body cells.

In this investigation we can understand the capacity of our body to recover it’s health by their own. This is why we only have to support our body to make it work properly and in this way recover its health.

The investigation about gene reply against cancer is very easy to understand and it’s also really short. So for that I’m gonna put on the table some thermal medicine claims first. This is because in thermal medicine our main goal is to nourish and support the optimum cell function in our body so it can recover by itself. This is why our treatments are so safe for our body, because our treatments are based on the natural response of our body.

In any case, with this treatments at least you can be sure you’ll have a better life quality and as a consequence you should eventually get healthy.

Now that we understand this, let’s see what this research can tell us about our DNA and about cancer.

Gene reply against cancer

It turns out that every cell in our body have the same DNA, which is in detail the information of ourselves. And even though all the cells have the same DNA, we have found that they are different. For example, lets think about brain cells and muscle cells, or what about the cells of other organs.

This functional distinction on our cells is due to the same DNA because in that same DNA are some genes that are activated in some cells and in others they’re not. So the differences are found in these genes. It’s like a switch, where in some cells it might be on, in other cells it might be off. That’s how the cells are different.

From a good time now, we know that the genes are activated when a protein binds itself with an specific sequence in our DNA. Professor Stein Aerts and his colleagues from the department of Human Genetics at KU Leuven, Belgium, have now shown that some of these proteins are in fact capable of locating their targets autonomously.

And now getting this topic into cancer, we know that the protein TP53 plays a crucial role in the prevention of cancer. When a cell is damaged – because free radicals or other – the TP53 protein switches on the right genes to repair the cell. And let me stop in here, because a lot of people think that if you have cancer then prevention is useless. Well that’s not true, the first step of any treatment is prevention because in that way you can stop the disease from growing.

In some cases the cells lose TP53 protein which allows cancer to start developing in there. In about 50% of all cancer, there’s a problem with the protein TP53.

Now we can ask ourselves, How can I retain TP53 protein working? Well since this protein is a natural response to our body’s system then the only thing that you can do is to improve your nutrition with our [nutritional plan] and improving your daily habits. With this you can be sure that your body will defend itself agains all these problems.

Although in here I have talked about only one protein, actually there are others that help us to maintain ourselves healthy. Another great example of this is the Nrf2 protein that activates when our free radicals levels are high because Nrf2 protein raise the antioxidant levels and detoxifying enzyme levels. By the way, one of this antioxidants are the glutathione so there’s no need to consume them as supplements. A healthy body is capable to produce them in the needed quantities.

So there you have the gene reply against cancer. If you have more doubts leave them in the comments. Health!


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