When you read this title that says every disease can be solve maybe you think that it’s a lie because you can think about examples that proof otherwise. But in this article I hope to show you that this is true.

Every disease can be solve

In many occasions I recibe questions about how to treat several types of diseases but at the same time they tell me that their situation has no solution. This makes me think about two things:

  1. Even though we may think that there’s no solution for our situation we still want to belief that there’s something left to do. This means that we still have hope. This is something really good because it makes you stronger but it is also something bad because it will make you try everything you can without thinking or analysing the situation. And so even if your improving your life with a treatment maybe with other treatment your making it worse and so you don’t see any change.
  2. We belief that there’s no solution when we can’t find answers or at least that’s what we think.

One of the first things that I learned studying math is that unless you can proof that something is imposible, then it’s not. In other words when you think that something is imposible it means that you have found your limitations but not that it’s actually impossible.

So going back to the claim that every disease can be solve surely you can think about any case where someone recover from an advance disease in such a miracle way even when it seems impossible. This is really common when you are in the health world.

Well since I meet thermal medicine I learned that behind this miracles there are a lot of things we can learn to improve our life and also to help others. This is the purpose of Lenus and the reason why we know that every situation have a solution although we don’t know them all yet.

So the solution in all this mystery are based in natural and healthy habits that are instincts in all the animals and that we should learn more about. Until now I have learn a lot of those but there is still much more to investigate and try.

I know that every situation is different but also there are basic habits that you should have to improve your life and so to treat any disease. Before I start giving you the list I want you to know that the intensity and time of the treatment depends mostly of how much the disease has advance. And also when I talk about disease I don’t talk about cancer, diabetes or any of that. Disease is a general notion of bad body function so cancer and others are just a consequence. With this in mind we are gonna improve our daily habits to heal our body functions.

Basic Treatment

  1. The first thing and most important is to focus on your diet for which I recommend this [nutritional plan]. This should be your main focus in the first weeks to learn how to confront every situation in your life, like traveling, events, reunions, and more. This are the main problems to have a good diet, so always be prepared. Also fasts of water and fruits are good to clean your body and to start this nutritional plan.
  2. Every day you should wake up by doing this [cold water friction] treatment.
  3. Apply clean mud on your belly area before you go to sleep to have it overnight. For this follow the [mud treatment].
  4. In the morning do exercise and also while the sun is out try this [sunbath treatment].

These are the basic treatments that I always do and that I recommend. Although you should know that I will be publishing more specific treatments for other symptoms.

As you can imagine it will take more time so I invite you to follow me on social media as @lenusme and so you will know when I publish new treatments. Also follow our [podcast in audio] and our [videos in youtube].

I also want to know what symptoms and diseases you want me to write about because remember that every disease can be solve.

Without more to add I hope you can find this very useful and with that in mind see you in the next article. Health!