What we think is what we become, so it is really important for us to develop powerful thoughts and that’s what we’ll do here.


On the latest book that I read it said something like: What we feel is what we think, and what we think is what we do. I wrote other articles to cover the feeling part of this chain, so today I’m going to cover more about our thoughts.


Develop powerful thoughts

So let’s start with some habits that you have to add to your daily life.

1- Ask yourself: Then what?

We like to think of us, as human beings, like the most logical species but let’s be real, we are not. An addiction is one of the best examples of this because we do lot things that harm us even though we know that.

So an awesome habit to develop powerful thoughts will be to think If I do this, then what will happen?

Just by having this critical thinking you will notice a really big difference on the decisions in your life. I mean, you will take better decisions just by taking your time and think about the consequences.

2- Take 8 hours of sleep

We all know how stupid we can be when we don’t have enough sleep. So, it shouldn’t be shocking that sleep is really important to develop powerful thoughts.

Let me explain a little bit more about this. When you don’t sleep enough hours means that your brain won’t get optimum blood flow which also means that your brain won’t get enough oxygen and nutrients for an optimum function.

That’s the reason why you should sleep early if you want to wake up early, always respect this 8 hours of sleep, especially on weekends.

I highlight weekends because even if you have a great week sleep routine, then in weekends you probably will go all crazy which makes it harder to continue with your routine the next Monday. So this is my warning: be careful with those exhausting weekends.

3- Avoid risky blood sugar levels

With this, I don’t mean that you should go to a lab to see how your blood sugar levels are. Just by knowing what you eat I can tell how your sugar levels are.

How? Well, here’s the perfect rule:

Fake food, that is, processed food with added sugars, trans fats, sodium, dye, and so on. This will produce spikes in your blood sugar levels. Sure, at the start, it will produce high levels of sugar in your blood but then it will produce depressive low levels. As it is said, what fast goes up, fast goes down.

Real Food, that is, fresh and natural foods or ingredients. These foods will provide you with constant energy through the day, NO spikes. And that’s why it is so great to eat real foods.

So here’s the rule: Eat real food to develop powerful thoughts.

Oh, before I forget, the reason why having blood sugar level spikes is so bad for your mental health, is because it affects your mood and you’re unlikely to have great thoughts on a bad mood.

4- Eat good fat

When I tell you to eat good fat, I especially recommend you Omega-3 fatty acids because it is a great fuel for your brain and also because it reduces inflammation.

For sure you will encounter Omega-6 fatty acids, well try to reduce this O-6 fat because it increases inflammation. Although is natural and have benefits, it’s better to have some limits for that.

Probably you will try to find supplements to get this fat, but don’t make that mistake. As I told you in the 3rd point, find Real Food, not canned food.

I only recommend you to eat fish if it’s fresh which are only possible if you leave near the coast. Otherwise, it will be old fish or with lots of toxins because it has been processed.

Great fats sources are olive oil, olives, avocado, eggs, almonds, and so on.

This is the last point on nutrition so I recommend you to follow this [nutritional guide] to improve your diet.

5- Use your brain

Watching TV will make your brain lazy. Sorry to tell you that, and don’t take me wrong, I love to watch movies but that’s for especial occasions.

I had seen research that shows low brain activity on people that are watching TV, so don’t expend too much time watching TV.

Instead, you should work and play on brain-healthy activities. I’m sure you will find some like reading, writing, drawing, painting, playing strategic games, memory games, etc.

6- Exercise

Epigenetics is the science that studies how external influences can affect our genes, and one thing that seems to improve the production of new neurons is to do exercise.

So there you have, if you want to improve your cognitive abilities then work out every day.


Those were 6 top daily habits to consider if you want to develop powerful thoughts and to be mentally strong. Let me know what do you think and what are your results.

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